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There's A 'Tipsy Land' Drinking Game That Puts A Fun Adult Twist On 'Candy Land'

Gosh, playing boardgames was so much fun as a kid, wasn't it? Many of us Millennials have fond memories of swooning over Dream Phone, imagining our future life in The Game of Life, and of course, being mesmerized by the ever-colorful Candy Land.

We love a good nostalgic adult twist, and what could be more fitting than playing a drinking game called Tipsy Land?

Miss playing your favorite childhood boardgames but need a new exciting adult twist?

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Look no further than Tipsy Land, created by Etsy seller GetTipsyGames.

The game is pretty similar to the original Candy Land game.

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There's a colorful spinner, six game pieces, and a game board with a fun windy path and punny characters and locations related to, you guessed it, all things booze.

You'll come across characters like Spaced-Out Samm, Ella the Lush, and Pete the Plastered Pirate.

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After starting from the Jungle Juice Junction, you'll find your way to boozy locations like Tequila Sands, Feel Good Forest, Three Sheets to the Wind Beach, and the Smashed Safari.

You may also pay a special visit to Merlot Meadow, Eggnog Hill, and the Sloppy Swamp. If you're lucky enough to land on a shortcut, you can take the Wine Trail and the Pub Crawl Pass to get you to the final destination called the Hole in the Wall with the 3 Plied Mice.

However, you may also get stuck with a bad hangover, or fail a field sobriety test, or get stuck in the sloppy swamp—all things you may really relate to.

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How fun is this? Just make sure you drink responsibly, or landing on "bad hangover" may become a reality!

Find it on Etsy for $26.

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