People Are Building Cozy Backyard Nooks Out Of Old Pallets

Question: Are pallets one of the most versatile DIY materials of all time?

Answer: Yes, duh.

For this round of pallet projects, people are using them to create cozy backyard spaces for actual pennies. Let's see what they came up with. And, if you're inspired to make your own...well, I'm not gonna say that's a bad thing, am I?

This nook is on the move.

Recycled Things

It's a place for plants, a place for chilling, and it's on wheels. Perfect for when you need to roll it out when the rain comes! Check out the project on Recycled Things.

This is an outdoor living room, tbh.

Instagram | @hchmoo

Um, maybe we need to throw the nook idea out and go for a full outdoor living room made out of pallets.

No, okay. We won't do that. But still, this setup is incredible!

This nook has tons of benefits.

Pallet Furniture Projects

The benefits are that you can eat at it. Adding in cushions would make this an amazing spot to chill or eat dinner at. I would hang out here in a hot second.

This one is a cabana.

Instagram | @virtual_vintage_co

I want it. I don't have a pool or the need for a cabana, but this looks so cool that I want it, anyway. This would be amazing in the summer! Does it also come with the dog?

Corner nook, anyone?

Pallet Wood Projects

This pallet nook is perfect for a corner. It looks so fun to have a glass of wine in, doesn't it? Add some string lights and a fire pit, and you're really living the good life.

This nook is bed-shaped.

Instagram | @awinchelldesigns

Okay, it's less of a nook and more of a double lounger. But it looks like it has the potential to be cozy af! Throw some pillows and blankets on there and you've got yourself an amazing spot to hang.

Outdoor party, anyone?

Flickr | Danielle de Lange

We're back on the outdoor living room idea, which I am still a fan of. The string lights add such a magical quality to the whole thing!

This nook is so sweet.

YouTube | Real Cedar

It's a relatively simple build (you can watch a video of the build process here), but my favorite part is how low-profile it is! It doesn't take up too much space, but it still has a lot of visual impact.

Nook, but make it swing.

Etsy | CrookedRiverWoodWork

Tired of nooks on the ground? Then allow me to introduce you to the swinging pallet nook! You can even hang some planters and lights from the roof!

This couch is an outdoor dream.

Decor Lovin'

The pallets were doubled up for this couch, which is a blessing for my back, tbh. Your outdoor nook deserves to be this comfy!

Hi, cabana!

Decor Lovin'

Is this 100% pallets? No. Is it so cute that I don't care and need you to see it? Yes. Pop an inflatable bed on that thing and watch the stars in comfort!

This couch has a fun addition.

Wooden Designs

Why not add a side table? Pallets really can become everything, so adding one onto your nook or couch just makes sense. It's a handy place to put your drink, of course.

This nook just looks fun.

Facebook | Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

And there's a birdhouse attached to it! You can live out your Disney princess dreams right there in your own nook. Bring birdseed. And maybe gloves.

This is a nook fit for a princess.

YouTube | Cleverly

You're going to need about eight wooden pallets for this one, but I think we can all see how worth it that is. It's not just a comfy spot to sit, it's also a place for plants! I love it. Get the instructions here.