8+ Ways To Dress Up Your Planters

Flower pots are one of those garden essentials we all need, but they can be a bit... boring. Thankfully, DIYers have come up with ways to transform flowers pots into something cute and functional or give those old flower pots a new lease on life.

Paint some inexpensive ones!

Paper and Stitch

These amazing planters actually came from the Target dollar spot! They were cleaned, painted, and given new rope to hang from. They look like they're worth way more than $5, in my opinion.

Add some texture.

Almost Makes Perfect

How cute is this pot? Textured pots are very in right now, but they can get pretty pricey. Luckily, Almost Makes Perfect figured out a genius way to add texture for a small amount of money: clay!

String 'em up.


How cute is this plant hanger from Ikea? It's handmade, and it really helps your plants stand out. Get on that macrame trend without having to learn how to macrame! Score.

Use a cool trick to make plaster of Paris planters!

Paper and Stitch

How pretty are these? Paper and Stitch provided instructions on how to make Plaster of Paris planters, but with added color in the mix! You have to see how they did it, it's so cool.

Fake a cool planter with some glue and creativity.

Hanging circle planters are as cool as they are expensive. Rather than shell out a ton for one, pick up a craft hoop, some spray paint, and some glue. Don't forget the pot, okay?

Grab a sharpie.

I am so for using the world as your canvas. This DIY is deceptively difficult, since it involves drawing the entire face using one line. I'd recommend drawing whatever you want! And if you want to draw the face, practice on paper first.

Turn unexpected items into planters.

Just not feeling any planter at all, and don't want to DIY an existing one? Skip them altogether and reach for something else, like this coffee mug! Drill a hole in the bottom and enjoy turning every weird mug you see into a home for your plant friends.

Splatter them gold.

A Kailo Chic Life

A metallic addition to any planter is an automatic upgrade. That's not my opinion, that's just good science. A Kailo Chic Life put together a tutorial on how to make these cute planters!

Create some faux concrete for cheap!

Domestically Blissful

Step one: Buy a large, cheap, ugly planter.

Step two: Buy spray paint.

Step three: Paint it up until it looks like concrete. Voila! You have concrete planters for a fraction of the price.

Honestly, just cover them up.

Lily Ardor

If you're at the end of your rope and have no inclination to paint anything, get the hot glue gun out. We're going to straight up glue placemats to your planters, guys.

Add some wood accents.

Home Archilab

And by accents, I mean beads! This DIY involves some wooden beads that you can pick up and Michaels. The little wooden feet are made of a cut-up dowel!

Wrap a planter in clay.

Lily Ardor

Because why not? Using some polymer clay, you can create a chunky cable knit pattern all over your planter. How cute is that?

Get the instructions right here.

Marble it up.

A Kailo Chic Life

How cute are these planters? This trick uses a dip-painting technique to create the marble effect, and it's really fun to try! Check out all the instructions here.

Turn them into house numbers!

Flickr | Julie Sheffer

If regular pots are getting you down, it might be time to try something new: stacking them. Create a flower tower that not only shows off your plants, but has your house number on it!