Annual Contest Challenges Teens To Make A Prom Outfit With Duct Tape

Trust me when I say that you are about to have your mind blown.

Duct tape is a tried and true DIY miracle product, sure, but what if you used it for clothing? That's the idea behind Duck Tape's DIY Stuck On Prom contest, which challenges teens to create their prom outfits out of duct tape.

Guys, Gen Z might be the most creative generation yet.

Duck Tape has been running this challenge for a few years now.

Teens are challenged to create their outfits out of any tape from the Duck Tape brand. Most years, they actually have to wear the outfits to prom to win the $10,000 prize.

However, it's 2020. So prom went virtual this year.

And the teens went hard.

Duck Tape

Meet Jose. He made his entire tux out of green duct tape, which I am floored by. He wanted his tux to evoke the idea of transition.

"I was inspired to implement these colors and design due to an overwhelming sequence of events occurring in our society," he said.

Milla made herself a hat, too.

Duck Tape

Okay, queen! I see this stunt, and I bow down!

She created her dress to highlight how hard it is for some to shop for dresses, and added the hat as a thank you to her town.

Elise turned it OUT.

Duck Tape

Look at those metallics! This is nicer than an actual prom dress, tbh. She was inspired by fashion from the '30s, '40s, and '50s, hence the cap sleeves and pleated skirt!

Jasmin incorporated her love of music into her dress!

Duck Tape

I have no idea how she did those cut-outs, but I am definitely impressed. Music is really important to Jasmin, so she had to include it in her dress!

Cheri got creative with her patterns.

Duck Tape

"When looking up ideas for this dress, I decided to incorporate something that reminded me of home, the Philippines. I did a weaving pattern used by Filipinos, but instead of using the actual materials for it, I used Duck Tape."

What an angel!

Maika's dress is reversible!

And rose gold! OMG. The side you see is the rose gold bodice, but it's actually reversible! The other side has a floral print that also pairs perfectly with her skirt.

Peacocks inspired Zaynab!

Duck Tape

Can you believe she managed to make a bustle out of duct tape?!

"Peacocks became a sort of muse for me in this dress; due to their symbolic nature when it comes to pride, self-awareness, beauty, leadership and confidence," she said.

Michael went pop art for his tux.

Duck Tape

This is just dripping with style, guys. He was inspired by James Bond, but I would argue that there's a lot of Andy Warhol in here, too! The color palette is so cool.

Michelle made her dress to honor her mom.

Duck Tape

It was always their dream to make her prom dress together. Sadly, her mother passed away from cancer 5 years ago. Michelle made her dress to honor her.

"My Mom will always be my motivation and inspiration for everything," she said.

Olivia made a very special accessory.

Duck Tape

Not only did she make her stunning dress out of duct tape (which is insane, and has glitter!), she made her dog a little bow, too! Best prom date ever.

Laura was inspired by the sky!

Duck Tape

"[...] as an artist who loves to create and paint, my inspiration was the gradient of the sky and the marriage of two starkly different colors."

She totally nailed it.

Submissions for this year's contest have closed, and now contestants will be scored by a panel of judges.

From there, the finalists will have the chance to win a scholarship based on a community vote. Be sure to visit the contest page and vote for your favorite design by July 10.

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