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There's Finally A Tool That Makes It Easier To Pop A Squat In The Great Outdoors

Ladies, we need to talk about something: squatting and hovering to pee. Seriously—am I training for the Olympics? NO—I'm just trying to pee in peace. And this is no small feat. Do you really think all those squats Instagram fitness models tell us to do is to grow our behind? Absolutely not—it's so we can be strong enough to hover over toilets, okay? And don't get me started on peeing outdoors...

The days of squatting may be over, thankfully, because there's actually a pretty clever device that makes peeing a breeze.

Ladies, meet the female urination device.


It's basically a funnel that makes it easy to pop a squat and take a tinkle outdoors.

They're perfect for camping trips, hikes, music festivals, and anywhere else you find yourself having to take a leak outdoors.


I'm sure each device comes with it's own instructions, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

Hold the wider part of the device to your nether regions and never pee outside in discomfort again.

Many are travel-friendly and come with cases to store them efficiently so you can easily transport them on your person.


Welp, there you have it. Is this life-changing or what?

Search "Female Urinary Device" on Amazon and shop away!

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