Hooked By Kati

Cute Crochet Pineapple Mason Jar Covers Instantly Give Your Home The Summer Boost It Needs

So you've finished a jar of pickles, or jam, or your aunt's homemade pickled beets. You rinse out the jar, and then—hold the phone! Do n-o-t throw that jar in the recycle bin! Don't you know you can do so many things with those jars?!

Maybe you didn't, and that's okay. So here—just take a look at these cute crochet pineapple mason jar covers that are a great upcycling project for summer.

How fun are these crochet pineapple mason jar covers?

Hooked By Kati

They're a simple way to give your home the boost of summer it's been asking for.

Blogger Hooked By Katie shared the pattern for free on her blog so you can get right to making them.

Hooked By Kati

All you need is some mason jars, yellow and green yarn, and crocheting materials and skills (or someone you know who does).

We love the funky wild leaves on the last jar, but if you like things a bit neater, check out crocheter Krissy's.

Krissy's Over The Mountain Crochet

She has a whole matching pineapple collection that includes the most darling basket and soap bag.

Find the pattern for the mason jar cover for free here.

Follow the patterns and you've got yourself an instant tea light lantern, utensil holder for outdoor patio meals, or tropical-themed jars to brighten your home and keep things organized all year long.

Krissy's Over The Mountain Crochet

You just can't go wrong with some bright pineapple decor!