Turn Your Pool Into A Colorful Oasis With Giant Floating Light-Up Lotus Flowers

If you have a pool in your backyard, chances are you're getting it all nice and ready for the summer. Maybe you're adding the latest and greatest pool floats to your collection, or maybe you're finishing up a DIY poolside bar you've been waiting to christen all winter long.

But do you have colorful floating LED lotus flowers on your list to make your pool really glow?

How fun are these giant colorful floating LED lotus flowers?


They easily turn your pool into a lavish water garden that is so pretty to look at.

The giant 13 inch by 9 inch flowers are waterproof and effortlessly float on top of water, whether it be a pool, hot tub, pond, or jacuzzi bath.


With the push of a button on a remote control, the flowers can change colors from white, to red, to purple, to green, and yellow, making your pool glow with a rainbow of color.

Each flower stays powered for up to eight hours, keeping everyone nice and entertained for quite awhile.


Don't have a pool or pond but still need these in your life? Plant them on your porch or patio for a fun way to illuminate your night hangs.

Nothing's stopping you from using this as mood light in your home when the summer is over, either!

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Who knew these light-up lotus flowers could be so versatile?

They are currently sold out from Walmart, but you can find them on Vandue for $70 each.

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