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Mom DIYs A 'Black Panther' Doll For Her Daughter

Barbie dolls have strived for inclusivity for years. Barbie has diversified their dolls to represent a vast majority of races and ethnicities. One of the best parts of the Barbie collection is that they represent many professions and characters through specialty dolls. Many young girls strive to have dolls that they can relate to because the dolls are so similar to them.

Many other franchises have recently expanded to be more inclusive, as well.

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For example, Marvel introduced the film Black Panther expanding their universe to include Wakanda. The film was one of the biggest box office hits of 2018 and many people know exactly why.

Many young Black boys and girls felt seen and represented by the characters in the film.

From Black Panther himself to Princess Shuri, young Black boys and girls finally felt as though they can see themselves in the superhero franchise on the big screen. It truly was an incredible movie with strong role models to look up to.

Many young girls look up to Princess Shuri especially.

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Played in the film by actress Letitia Wright, she is everything that young girls strive to be. The character was an incredible representation and role model for girls who are interested in academics and STEM.

However, while Barbie has created some dolls to encompass many different characters, Princess Shuri was not quite there.

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One decided to buy a Princess Tiana doll and DIY it into a Princess Shuri doll, since there were none in stores (or at least none that were this realistic). The result is amazing!

The mom and daughter duo, who go by the name 'My Froggy Stuff' on YouTube and Instagram shared their step-by-step transformation online.

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They started out with a Princess Tiana doll, which retails for $10 at the Disney store. However, they needed to remix some of Tiana's style to get her to look like Princess Shuri.

They focused on Shuri's iconic braids.

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By dislocating Princess Tiana's head from the doll's original body, they were able to replace her hair with braids created out of yarn. They look absolutely lovely and real!

Next, they created Shuri's beautiful white dress out of some mesh.

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Using mesh they had, they began to construct Princess Shuri's iconic white dress that she wore in the film. Using some fabric and mesh, they created the dress to a perfect design.

Next, they made sure to include Princess Suri's Wakandan face paint.

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Using a fine point needle, they used white paint to recreate her face paint from the movie, too. It's important to be. precise and exact, so using a fine point one is needed.

And, just like that, this mother-daughter duo created an iconic and wonderful Princess Shuri doll.

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Wow, it's a spitting image of Princess Shuri! I am blown away by how exact this looks. You can watch the full step-by-step video below and look at their other YouTube creations on their channel below.

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