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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares The Divorce Advice She Received From Her Holistic Dentist

When it comes to good advice, I truly believe we can find it anywhere! Everyone we meet can offer us something new to learn and I totally love that!

HOWEVER, when Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about the divorce advice she learned from her holistic dentist I had to take several seats and wonder what the heck I was getting myself into!

1) WHAT TF is a holistic dentist and 2) what business do they have sharing divorce advice?!

IDK, but I'm personally super curious to find out. But first, let's learn what a holistic dentist actually is!

Apparently, holistic dentistry is *very hard* to define. Go figure!

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According to the Tulsa Dental Care website, Holistic dentistry is an "approach to dentistry that focuses on the use of non-toxic restorative materials, and recognizes that toxins and infections in the mouth can impact a person’s overall health."

Well, something that is missing from the definition is dating advice!

On her Goop podcast, Gwyneth sat down with holistic dentist Sherry Sami, a dual specialist in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

The sit down was to "help us gain a deeper understanding of holistic dentistry and the different elements that can provide healing."

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Talking about how holistic dentistry could help her kids heal, Gwyneth shared: "That’s what I think they mean in the Bible when they talk about the sins of the father."

"You know, it’s really our weaknesses that we pass down generation to generation without understanding that without a shift in consciousness and without bringing awareness and healing our own stuff," she continued.

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"Like we just unconsciously pass our [expletive] down to our kids."

"I remember the first time I came to see you and I brought Apple and Moses, gosh it was a long time ago," Gwyneth said of her first visit with Sherry.

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"I remember going to talk to you in your office and sitting down with you and you were asking me all these questions about, you know, my emotional trauma and my marriage, which was going through a really hard time, and then we all know how that ended."

"I thought, Why is this amazing lovely dentist orthodontist asking me about my childhood trauma and what’s going on in my marriage?”

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Okay honestly, I love that!

It's clear this holistic dentist has a way of HEALING that goes far beyond our teeth. WHERE CAN I SIGN UP?!

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