16+ Funny Couples Who Are Keeping Things Interesting

Any relationship can get stale over time. It happens, and more often than not, it happens so gradually you don't even realize it until things are just...blah.

Well, that's not going to happen in these relationships, where it's obvious that the couples involved make their own fun, sometimes at each other's expense, but never without a healthy sense of mirth.

"This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer."

Reddit | sassafras711

And I've never heard a finer definition of true love. This is what The Princess Bride was missing. If Westley had asked Buttercup to do something like this, do you think she would have said, 'As you wish?' I highly doubt it.

"I asked my husband to make sure the kitchen counter was clean."

Reddit | HardPass10

Mission accomplished, amirite? She didn't ask how she wanted it done, and that counter is as clean as it gets. It's positively shining. You could eat off it - and they might have to.

"My mom dressed up as my dad for Halloween. I think she nailed it."

Reddit | conkellz

Yep, Mom wins this round. Dad's going to have to fork over his candy for this one, I think. Trick AND treat. Now, will he dress up as her next year?

"I think my husband’s going to realize I borrowed one of his extension cords."

Reddit | wakethesleepingpills

One of these things is not like the others...

He seems to have a thing about extension cords, and here I thought they were supposed to live in a tangled heap in the bottom of a drawer you're afraid to open. Shows what I know.

"Asked my husband to take a photo of me in front of an inspirational sign after my first 5k. This is what I got."

Reddit | cottoncandyqueef

Seems hubby might have a different idea of what's "inspirational." Something tells me that next year, she'll stand at the end of the sign rather than right in the middle.

"My husband/manchild preparing for the apocalypse..."

Reddit | mollyjo22

This dude and extension cord guy would probably get along just fine. You have to admire the spirit of preparation though.

I mean, you want to be able to grab your fire extinguisher if a blaze ever breaks out.

"Got my husband some post-vasectomy snacks- amazing how much genital related food you can find!"

Reddit | keeksmarie0987

I maintain that Ding Dongs will never not be the funniest name for a snack. Credit to this wife for digging up oh so many more fine examples as well, though.

Just perfect for the occasion.

"My husband was having a crappy day at work, so I hid over 30 pairs of googly eyes all over the apartment. Some of them he won't find for a few months."

Reddit | retro_axolotl

Just about the only thing that can fix something that's not broken is a pair of googly eyes. Just look at that PlayStation controller and the milk carton and tell me they aren't 100% improved by the googly eyes.

"Movie night with mom and dad."

Reddit | twerkycat

I think they might have a routine down. But hey, no reason why you shouldn't lean into the coziness.

We can all learn at least that much from cats, although they do tend to set a high bar for laziness.

Management is not amused.

Reddit | AJBHcats

Good news is, if he does do a murder over makeup stains, you at least know it won't be bloody - he'd never want to risk the towels on the clean up!

"I put a zombie face in front of our baby monitor. My wife was not happy when she checked on our baby in the middle of the night."

Reddit | Nitrain17

And I bet she can still hear him laughing all the way from the couch - or the dog house. Ah well, she wasn't going to sleep ever again anyway.

"When my wife had an ultrasound for our first child I took a photo of the print out so she could send to friends and family on what’s app. Instead I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realising what it was."

Reddit | WKFClark

I hope the laughs were worth the forthcoming nightmares about a child bursting out of her chest. Because you know that's what's happening after this prank.

Or they're naming the kid Ripley.

"My Husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it."

Reddit | asparagustus_gloop

Russian Roulette: Cinnamon Bun Edition. The only danger is forgetting which one you've doused with cheese and picking it out for yourself. Otherwise, it's just pure evil genius.

Likewise, one husband set up an unwelcome surprise for his sweetie.

Reddit | Mikeg90805

One of these ice cream cones doesn't contain ice cream at all - it's beans. You know what happens next, right?

Some chef gets an idea and suddenly we're all eating refried beans out of corn tortilla waffle cones.

This is basically a declaration of war.


As if beans instead of chocolate ice cream isn't bad enough, right? If he took the last of the chocolate part of the Neapolitan ice cream to do it, that's pretty much grounds for divorce right there.

"Dad bought mom a new mask."

Reddit | jeanlagrande

Brilliant. The ol' face switcheroo, because if you're going to wear a mask, you may as well have some fun with it, right?

If people can't laugh at this, I don't even know what they can laugh at anymore.

"My wife doesn’t want our newborn son’s face posted on social media, so she asked me to censor over it. Needless to say, I won’t be asked to do that again."

Reddit | MoeHanzeR

I don't know why, though. It's super effective. Nobody's going to have to worry that your kid was born with a blurry face now.

Pottery can be fun for the whole family.

Reddit | Sirhcnihc

Mom gets to have fun making it, Dad gets to have fun re-creating it in selfies. Unless she's actually taking the pics, which is possible.

I kind of hope she is so that they're both enjoying her work as much as possible.

"My 68 y/o dad has quarantine 'safe box.' He won’t give my mom the combination."

Reddit | TheMasonicZelph

Some kids just never quite grow all the way up. You know it's some precious cargo when you lock them up, right? Snacks are important!

"I asked my husband how long the kitchen table is. This is what I got."

Reddit | hellosweetie_11

It's not exactly a standard unit of measurement, but any good mom knows how tall her kid is with his arms over his head, doesn't she? That's just common Mom knowledge, right?

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