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Courteney Cox Does A Slow Motion Bikini Dive To Celebrate Her 56th Birthday

Courteney Cox is celebrating her 56th birthday in the best way she knows how — slow motion diving into her huge pool in a chic black bikini, duh.

As someone that enters any large body of water like a frail 80-year-old man, I was mesmerized by Courtney's fearless act! If this is what 56 looks like, I cannot wait to get there!

Courteney Cox is famously ageless. I mean seriously, wrinkles have left the chat!

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So when she posted on Instagram that it was her 56th (!!!) birthday, I was truly taken aback. Is this how an unproblematic fav ages?!


"Gracefully diving into this next year... #oaf," she captioned the video.

I think it was graceful, tbh! Much more graceful than most of us could ever hope to be, lol.


The comments were filled with praise for the birthday queen!

Instagram | @courteneycox

"How are you 56?!" wrote one fan.

"wait this is actually THE CUTEST! happy birthday angel!!" wrote another.

Happy birthday, Courteney! Keep rocking it, gorl!

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