9+ Products For People Who Struggle To Keep Their Bedroom Tidy

If you have trouble keeping your bedroom clean, trust me: it is okay. We all struggle with keeping things neat and tidy 24/7!

Thankfully, there's a lot of products out there to help us get — and stay — organized. Let's dive in and see what problems we can solve with some good ol' online shopping, shall we?

(See? Money can buy happiness.)

Give up on the idea that your shoe storage has to be pretty.


It's shoes. They're not always going to be organized, or even nice. Running shoes get worn down, tennis shoes get dirty. It's not pretty!

Get yourself a hanging shoe organizer and leave the aesthetic shoe organizing to Instagram influencers.

A rolling shoe rack will tuck away easily.

Urban Outfitters

If you still don't have enough space after you put up your shoe organizer, consider this handy af rolling cart from Urban Outfitters! It'll tuck away perfectly and store some of your most-used shoes.

Get two laundry baskets.


Not for sorting colors — though you can totally do that — but for maximum lazy #hacking. Use one for dirty laundry and the other for hauling clean laundry to your closet to fold. Trust me, it'll help keep you sane.

Stacked hangers are life savers.


Hangers that double your storage? Those are the real MVPs of the organizing world. Make sure your closet hanging rod can handle you doubling everything up, though. I do not want to be responsible for you losing your security deposit.

Get into the idea of dual purposes.

Urban Outfitters

I often look for things that serve more than one purpose. It gives that object an excuse to take up space! This jewelry organizer/mirror combo is definitely one of those objects.

A cable organizer.


My goodness, we all need to be better about organizing cables. There are a million different options here, but I'm going to go for this one — it hides a power bar but doesn't sacrifice the usability of the cables. Plus, it's cute.

A storage headboard can hide a lot.


I have a storage headboard, and it's an amazing place to keep the things I use most. I have my phone charger threaded through the back, a lamp, and all of my books stored on it!

Give yourself some more storage next to your bed.


A bedside caddy is the perfect place to store the things you use most at night. Okay, let's be honest: It's the perfect place to keep the remote so that you don't lose it in the bed.

Attach that headboard to a storage bed.


Yup, we're maximizing your storage here, people. I'd recommend a bed that has pull-out drawers. If your bed is in a corner, stuff those drawers against the wall with seasonal stuff that you won't touch most of the year.

Hide "to-organize" things in a basket.


Not sure where to put something yet? No worries. Rather than piling that stuff on your bed, chair, or on the floor, stick them in a basket. Next step: actually put the things in that basket away.

Corner shelves are a must.


They'll give you storage you never even knew you needed, especially for those little objects that tend to clutter up other furniture — like Funko Pops!

This one from Wayfair is a good start.

A storage rack that does it all will become a catch-all for your random stuff.

Urban Outfitters

This is the perfect place to plan outfits, tbh. Anyone who hits up Instagram on the regular or wants to reserve their mornings for sleeping in would benefit from an organizer like this.

Records deserve proper storage.


A lot of us are very into collecting records. If you want to keep yours organized in a stylish way, look for a big enough box for them. Boxes are also good for holding oversized coffee table books that you clearly aren't keeping out on a coffee table.

Stackable boxes will be your best friends.


I'm going to pick up a few of these to organize my insane craft supply collection, tbh. These boxes are low-profile and come in a few different sizes to suit your needs.

A storage bench or ottoman.

West Elm

I don't even need to tell you what to keep in one of these — you know what to do. Keep pillows, blankets, shoes...honestly, if you can dream it, you can stick it in here.

Roll-away bed storage is a must.


If you don't have the funds for a new bed frame (honestly, who does right now), then these are your next best bet. They easily roll in and out and act as drawers!

A super chic garment rack.


Listen, I don't care what kind of garment rack you get. I chose this one because it's the prettiest one I've ever seen, but I do not expect you to pay $900 for one. That's insane.


Organize makeup in style.


There's nothing worse than a messy makeup collection when it comes to organizing your space. That stuff spreads out fast! Keep it all in one place with a chic organizer!

Use small boxes to keep small objects contained.


I use a small box on my headboard to store medication, spare hair ties, a nail file, and other odds and ends. Whenever I'm looking for something small, I know that it's probably in that box.

A tiered shelf will double your vanity space.


If you're short on space, stick this on your vanity or dresser and give yourself double the space. There are a lot of different shelf options available, but I think this one is so nice and sleek!

Keep your papers organized.


We live in a digital world, but we still haven't quite figured out how to ditch paper copies altogether. Since we're stuck with that for now, pick up a cute document holder and keep all your important papers in one place.

Drawer organizers go a long way.


Especially if they're the adjustable divider type. They make a huge difference when it comes to catch-all drawers, but even underwear and sock drawers can benefit from them.