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Doritos' New Tangy Pickle Flavor Is Exactly What We've Been Waiting For

There's nothing America loves more than pickles. Challenge me on that — I dare you — because I'm ready with an arsenal of pickle-flavored goodies to share, from beer, to vodka, and even sweets like pickle Oreos.

You can imagine how people must feel knowing Doritos is finally launching a pickle flavor in the U.S.!

If you've been waiting all your life for pickle-flavored Doritos, the wait is officially over.

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Instagrammers like @theimpulsivebuy and @junkfoodonthego have spotted bags of Tangy Pickle Doritos at Dollar General.

You won't be able to miss these in the chip aisle.

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The bags are a bright lime green with some neon pink mixed in there to really catch your eye. You know, in case seeing "pickle" and "Doritos" together didn't already make your eyes wide.

If you're Canadian, this flavor isn't so new.

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Intense Pickle Doritos has been a favorite amongst Canadian snackers for quite some time now.

For once, Canada had something drool-worthy that the States didn't yet have.

Now, it's the States' turn to experience the wondrous world of pickle-flavored Doritos.

There's no word on whether or not this is a permanent or limited edition flavor, so get them while you can!

What do you think about this flavor? Let us know!