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Adele Shares Emotional Message For The Grenfell Tower Fire Survivors

In 2017, a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower block of apartments in North Kensington in London, causing 72 deaths, and over 70 injuries. The resulting blaze took 60 hours to extinguish, and many of those evacuated residents are still struggling to get back on their feet in the aftermath.

Singer Adele, who has been an active supporter of the Grenfell Tower survivors, shared an emotional message with them in a video.

June 14th marked the three year anniversary of the fire.

YouTube | Grenfell United

In a video meant to serve as a memorial for the event, Adele begins by saying “I want to send my love to all of you today, and let you know that I’m thinking of you, as I always do."

Adele acknowledged that it would've been preferable to have this event in person.

YouTube | Grenfell United

“Even though we’re having to do this in the virtual world, online, on 2020 Zoom life as it is, it’s still so important for us to mourn together and for us to remember that night and to reflect on that and also reflect on where we are now with that,” she said.

Adele added that they all should “celebrate the lives that were lived before they were sadly taken that night.”

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“There has never been a more appropriate time for us to truly exercise camaraderie, and compassion, and open-mindedness, and persistence. Persistence for answers. Persistence for action,” Adele continued, noting that the sense of community among the survivors has never been more important than during this pandemic.

“It’s a scientific fact that human beings are pack animals, we’re not supposed to be left on our own."

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" We need each other to survive, and that is something that I truly see in action with the Grenfell community. I have never been so moved or so inspired by a group of people before. Your resilience is second to none," Adele continued.

“I miss you all, I can’t wait to see you all and like I said, I’m thinking of you today more than ever. Stay safe, say healthy,” she said.

Instagram | @adele

“I’m so sad that we’re not all together today because although it’s always a very somber event when everyone gets together, it’s also beautiful and the kids are running around — I can’t wait to hear all about them."

You can watch the emotional video for yourself right here.