11+ Brilliant Product Designs That Seriously Impressed Buyers

It's hard to stand out from the crowd in an already saturated shopping market, am I right? There are so many retailers and online shops these days that pretty much sell the same stuff.

So when companies go out of their way to impress their customers, it's really cool to see. These products do exactly that. You'll definitely be impressed.

1. These Spatulas

Reddit | FarmingFriend

Isn't it cool when a product is like a two-in-one? I definitely think so. And so does this person who got these two spatulas which came with a clip to make tongs out of them. Oh, nice!

2. This Kitchen Floor

Reddit | melisage

Get a load of this, ladies and gentlemen. This person's kitchen floor has a built-in cooler. OMG, what? I've never even heard of something like that. That's one fancy house if you ask me. Pretty impressive.

3. This Fridge

Reddit | DadHatSensei

Speaking of fancy kitchens, how about fancy fridges? If you can believe it, this one comes with a built-in filtered water pitcher. Well, well, talk about some chic features they're adding to fridges these days. Who knew?

4. This Chocolate Bar

Reddit | cremedelameow

Oh my — you had me at chocolate. Ha, ha! This awesome chocolate bar comes with marked portions so you know each piece weighs 10 grams. If you're baking, I bet you'll appreciate this feature. Knowing how much each piece weighs won't stop me from eating 10, but nice try.

5. These Scissors

Reddit | Roscoe1398

Here's one interesting way to distinguish yourself from your competition. Why not design your scissors with a built-in stand, huh? That's so cute. I dunno how useful this feature is, but I kinda like it.

6. This Flask

Reddit | ektylu

How clever of this company to make a flask that looks just like a book. And get this — its cover says, "The Ancient Thirst To Read." LOL! How funny is that? I totally dig this smart idea.

7. This Bicycle Rack

Reddit | thisisbor

Isn't it annoying when you're riding your bike and then you realize your tires are low? Well, some very awesome people came up with this bike rack that has a built-in bicycle pump. Oh, so nice.

8. This Knife

Reddit | Zorkthealien

Why would you need to use another tool when this knife comes with a built-in ruler? I think all tools should have a feature like that. It sure would cut down on how many tools you need.

9. This Bedframe

Reddit | djbamc

Here's something I've never seen before. This bed frame comes with an actual buit-in radio. Whoa, talk about convenience. You no longer need to find a space to fit a radio nearby. How cool is this?

10. These Kiwis

Reddit | beerigation

Ever want to eat your kiwi on the go when you get them from the supermarket? No problem. These kiwis come with a handy spife (spoon/knife combo) so you can start munching on them right away. Very convenient!

11. This Cappuccino

Reddit | TheCaptain910

Imagine if a cafe you went to served their cappuccino with a side of mini ice cream like this! I think this would make me want to go there like every day. Ha, ha! Can you blame me?

12. This Freezer Scraper

Reddit | radlunchbox

Speaking of build-up, your freezer can also get really messy with ice build-up. Then you gotta find something to scrape it with. This freezer actually has a scraper built-in. Isn't that so convenient? It is indeed.

13. This Laptop

Reddit | kingkaiserkorp

I'm so irritated that I need to use masking tape to put over my laptop's webcam. Maybe I'm too paranoid but I would rather have it covered up. This laptop comes with a sliding cover for the camera. How awesome is that?

14. This Built-In Power Strip

Reddit | sulivan1977

I had no idea there were desks out there that come with their own built-in power strip. That way, you don't have to worry about buying one for all your gadgets. That's so neat.

15. This Nail Polish

Reddit | Pastel_Bishop

Wouldn't it be so cool if every nail polish bottle came with a swatch of the color attached to the bottle? That way you could see how the color looks on you. I love that.

16. This Basketball

Reddit | JonahBoysel

How cool is it that some modern basketballs now come with a built-in pump? This is such a neat feature. I dunno how powerful it is but it can work when you're in a pinch. What do you think?

17. These Shoes

Reddit | Whalephant2K17

This person actually discovered something interesting that came with their new shoes. They have a pick keychain so you can get the rocks and the gunk out of the tread. I wish all shoes came with this.

18. This Fly Swatter

Reddit | Winstigator

If you have a lot of bugs flying around, a swatter is definitely needed. This one actually comes with handy tweezers so you can get all the bug guts out of the swatter. Gross but helpful! Ha, ha!

19. This Spoon Carving Kit

Reddit | theacropanda

So this person bought a spoon carving kit and discovered that it supplied him with some bandages. I guess that's just in case he gets injured. I've never done this myself but it does happen now and then.

20. This Hairbrush

Reddit | arthurdentxxxxii

Don't you hate it when you get a thick hairbrush but then it gets clogged up with lots of hair? Apparently there's a tool to remove the hair and this hairbrush comes with it. Oh, wow! That's great.

21. This Inhaler

Reddit | IndividualAtmosphere

This person's new inhaler has a countdown (200 uses total) on it so you don't have to keep track of when it needs to be replaced. How cool is this feature? That's absolutely needed. No?

22. This Plastic Packaging

Reddit | DadJokeBadJoke

Wouldn't it be helpful if every paint roller package you bought doubled as a paint tray? This person got one and they think it's super cool and handy. I think so, too.

In a world where we usually overpay for everything we buy, it's nice to see we can get a little extra.

I think all companies should ensure their customers get more love this way. This would make me wanna shop more.

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