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11+ Oddly Satisfying Pics From The Internet

Sometimes the universe aligns so ideally that it presents us with an image that's so perfect, it's picture-worthy. And if you're able to capture that moment on camera, you're truly lucky.

These folks were able to do so and now we can thank them for sharing it with all of us. These gems are so satisfying they'll definitely make your day.

1. These Shadows

Reddit | Terminatorbrk

How cool are these shadows that look like somebody literally drew them on? When does that ever happen? I haven't seen anything as wicked as this before. So awesome somebody was able to take a picture of it.

2. This Snow

Reddit | DrFetusRN

I'm not normally a fan of winter — I'm more of a summer girl. But when I see winter scenery that's as amazing as this I can't help but love it. The way this snow accumulated is magical.

3. This Flower Field

Reddit | Notove

Oh my goodness, I can imagine getting lost in this amazing flower field in Hokkaido, Japan. I don't think anybody would be able to find me. Ha, ha! I could spend days on end here. So lovely.

4. These Droplets

Reddit | DandelionTree

This is what I'm talking about. Sometimes nature gives you such a treat that you absolutely need to marvel at it. The way these droplets fell on this leaf is like poetry, isn't it? Absolutely gorgeous picture.

5. These Clouds

Reddit | j3ffr33d0m

I could stare at the clouds in the sky for hours. That is a fact. But looking at how perfect these clouds fit this tree is even more idyllic. And it makes for a brilliant picture, too.

6. This Waffle

Reddit | Atwood781

I was craving waffles so bad the other day. I blame my neighbor who was making some. So looking at this picture brings back those memories quite vividly. Now, I know I need to eat one ASAP.

7. This Plant

Reddit | Cat_from_tamriel

I'm a huge fan of plants. I'm always looking for a unique one to add to my collection. This aloe polyphylla looks like it would be the most perfect one. It looks almost like it isn't real.

8. These Chairs

Reddit | PF_22140

I gotta admit, at first I had no idea what I was looking at, but then I realized that this is a stack of chairs. They almost look like some kind of new-age building, am I right?

9. This Leaf

Reddit | admiralwan

Talk about being one with nature. The way the veins of the leaf align on the creases of the hand is almost sensual in a way. I know, perhaps I'm seeing too much here. It's beautiful nonetheless.

10. This Knife

Reddit | Paulmunkotv

How cool is it that the inlays on this person's knife look exactly like this chocolate chip cookie? Ha ha! That is such a wonderful coincidence. Maybe whoever made this knife used chocolate chip cookies as their inspiration, huh?

11. This Pebble


Wow, this is probably the smoothest and roundest beach pebble ever found. If I found this, I would never throw it away. Look at how huge it is, too.

12. This Resting Cloud

Reddit | PorkyPain

I kinda feel like this cloud today. If only I had a nice tree to rest on it would make my busy day so much easier. I could honestly gaze at this picture all day.

13. These Colorful Sneakers

Reddit | u/dogtubes

Is it just me or do you also enjoy taking pictures of your shoes? Hee, hee. And what could be better than being able to arrange them like this, huh? I can't think of anything else.

14. This Seven-Layer Jell-O

Reddit | RedSkeleton015

Okay, this is not the kind of Jell-O I remember as a kid. LOL! This is some kind of new level here. Who else wants to see it jiggle? Ha, ha! That would be so cool!

15. These Soda Cans

Reddit | shastaman

Who else is obsessed with color coordinating everything? I think the designers of these soda cans definitely got the memo here. Not only do they look so pretty but I'm digging the flavors, too, right?

16. This Rubber Band

Reddit | DoorSmasherSC

If you saw a rubber band create a pattern on your shoe sole like this, would you dare to remove it? I can honestly say I would just leave it there. It was meant to be.

17. This Sea Glass

Reddit | DenseTeacher

Why is it that I never find beach sea glass that looks like this? Just where do people find these gems? I would like to know because I'm totally moving there as soon as I can!

18. This Burger Bun

Reddit | tobago_88

I dunno what it is, but when I see a pristine McDonald's bun like this I feel happy. It's like I want to eat it, but then again I just want to keep looking at it.

19. This Cheesecake

Reddit | supra025

Just like the burger bun that looks like perfection personified, this cheesecake is also oddly satisfying to look at. I don't even normally like eating cheesecake and I'm already in love with this one here.

20. This Wrapped Present

Reddit | outraged_enchilada

I used to get a kick out of wrapping presents. But over the years I kinda lost the appreciation for it. If they all turned out looking like this, I think I would still enjoy it tremendously.

21. This Peanut Butter Scoop

Reddit | Kechavis

Come on! This can't be what I think this is. How can you possibly get a scoop of peanut butter like this? How does that even happen? When I do it, it looks nothing like this.

22. This Candy Aisle

Reddit | quartz222

Normally, I wouldn't find myself admiring anything at the dollar store, but the way this candy aisle is arranged here is oddly satisfying, isn't it? If this doesn't make you crave candy, I dunno what will.

I could sit here and stare at pictures like these all day. There's something truly mesmerizing about them all.

Next time you find something as cool as these, make sure you post it on Reddit so we can all enjoy it.

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