Dad Builds World's First Ultra-Accessible Theme Park Inspired By His Daughter

As a parent, it's always your hope that your child gets to experience all of the magic and wonders in life. When they're unable to do everything that other children can, it can be a heartbreaking and troublesome experience.

Some children have disabilities that prevent them from having the childhood experiences we all know and love. As a parent, it truly hurts to see your children miss out.

Many parents try and go above and beyond for their children.

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Especially when your child is differently-abled, making sure they can experience life in as normal a way as possible is important. Parents go above and beyond to make sure their children get equal treatment and opportunities.

One dad knew that his daughter always wanted to experience an amusement park, but couldn't.

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Gordon Hartman of San Antonio, Texas, knew his daughter Morgan couldn't experience life the same way her peers could. Because of this, he decided to think way outside of the box.

Morgan was born with both physical and cognitive disabilities.

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Morgan spent most of her life in a wheelchair. Her dad noticed that growing up, she couldn't find a place to fit in. Many kids stayed away from her for being different on the outside, not realizing she was just a kid wanting to have fun —just like them.

Morgan's dad was heartbroken.

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Seeing your child struggle to make friends and just experience the little things in life can break you. You bring children into this world and only want the best for them.

Hartman realized that Morgan, and other children like her, deserved a place where they felt accepted and seen.

No matter what, all children deserve to be able to experience the freedom and fun of childhood. And, what says "childhood" more than amusement parks? We all remember our very first one.

Morgan's Wonderland was soon created after that.

Hartman came up with the idea for "Morgan’s Wonderland" after realizing that many vacation spots and kid-friendly places are not accessible to children of all abilities. While some try to cater to children with disabilities, wheelchairs don't always fall on that list.

He knew that Morgan and other children who used a wheelchair needed a place where they could do everything they've ever wanted.

Therefore, Morgan's Wonderland is accessible to children in wheelchairs — all rides and adventures are able to cater to kids who need wheelchairs to get around and survive.

Morgan's Wonderland opened in 2010 and is a fully accessible amusement park for everyone.

The park has 25 fully-accessible attractions that allow wheelchairs to fit into all the rides. This includes wheelchair accessible swings, off-road adventures, and in 2017 they even added a waterpark for everyone — including waterproof wheelchairs!

Morgan's Wonderland is here for children to still be children, despite their disabilities.

The website states:

"Our vision is to play an instrumental role in helping establish more ultra-accessible places where those with and without disabilities can come together for fun and a better understanding of each other.”

It is a remarkable idea and an even better execution.

To know that there is a place for all children to experience the fun of rides, games, and childhood is a truly beautiful creation. Especially knowing where this idea stemmed from, this dad is incredible!

Morgan's Wonderland is open to the public in San Antonio, Texas.

While the park is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, they hope to reopen pretty soon. If you're in the Texas area or have a child who would love this — I suggest taking a trip to Morgan's Wonderland!

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