Mom Discovers Clever Hack To Make 'Edible Sand' For Her Baby To Play With

Anyone who is a parent to a small child or baby knows that they will put absolutely anything and everything in their mouths. No matter what you do or what you say, toys, and basically anything they can get their hands on, are going straight into their mouths. That's why some toys are marketed for older children — to prevent these issues and choking hazards.

Trying to find fun activities for your young ones can be a struggle sometimes.

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Wanting to give them fun and stimulating play time can be hard when you're constantly worried about what they will and won't put in their mouths and try to eat.

One way to combat these worries is to include edible snacks and foods in creative play time activities.

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Sometimes, thinking outside the box is what it takes to create an engaging and stimulating play experience for your kids. To do this, including food in their playtime can prevent some serious issues.

One mom came up with a brilliant idea to make "edible sand" for her baby.

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Illinois mom Elle Anna Christine shared her idea on TikTok and before she knew it, the video was going viral with other moms across the web. It's truly a genius and brilliant way to combine food and fun.

The best part? It's easy to recreate at home.

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For moms who want to copy this playtime hack, you can most definitely use things that you probably already have in your house. What mom doesn't love a cost-free hack?

Elle Anna Christine showed us exactly how it's done.

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To break it down, it's pretty simple. You need some Cheerios, a blender, and an area to pour your sand — somewhere that can prevent a ton of messiness. A baking sheet/pan is a good option for this.

Place the Cheerios in a blender and chop those bad boys into little grains.

TikTok l @elleannachristine

The blender mashes up the Cheerios to make small grains of the cereal, looking almost like sand. Then, pour it into a pan or box for your baby to play with.

To make it even more fun, grab some beach toys for the "sand."

TikTok l @elleannachristine

Adding some shape makers and toys can make the experience even more fun for baby. They can make molds of animals and shapes in their new sandbox.

The best part? It's edible!

TikTok l @elleannachristine

No worrying about your baby eating plastic, or dirt, or anything else really. Cheerios are a staple of every kid's childhood when they're starting solids, so this makes total sense.

It's safe, cheap, and easy to do at home!

We love moms who share their hacks online so we can all try them ourselves. I know one thing is for sure—this is the best "sandbox" creation I've ever seen. I love it!