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Model Creates Inclusive Line Of Hijab-Friendly Face Mask Sets For Frontline Workers

No 2019 fashion show could have predicted that face masks would be the hottest accessory trend in 2020. Once the CDC gave the green light to cloth face coverings, tons of fun and funky homemade and designer face masks started popping up, and face masks are now just as important as leaving the house with your wallet is.

However, if you've been regularly wearing a mask, you know that no matter how cute they've become, they're not very comfortable, and they're especially not functional for people who wear head wraps of any kind.

So, a hijab-wearing model teamed up with brand Anywear to create an inclusive line of face mask sets for the ultimate stylish comfort for hijab-wearing people.

When the pandemic first broke out, you may have seen images of healthcare workers' faces bruised and battered from wearing masks tightly plastered to their faces for many hours of the day, every day.

In response, the Banding Together Project was born.

Project creators Anywear, a fashion startup company, quickly began working closely with medical professionals to make headbands and medical caps fitted with buttons that work to not only hold the mask in place, but also ease pain and discomfort, particularly around the ears.

Anywear teamed up with a host of people in the medical and beauty communities to help design their masks, including model Halima Aden, who created a line of inclusive face masks specifically with hijab-wearing folks in mind.

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The sets come with a hijab scarf and matching face mask in eight stylish colors for $45 each.

While these were made with healthcare workers in mind, there's nothing stopping anyone from purchasing a cute set themselves!

Halima, a former medical care worker herself, expresses in the product's description, "There are many hijab-wearing women working at health care facilities. I wanted to make sure they [and the general public] have comfortable options for wearing a mask while keeping their hair covered."

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While face masks have risen in popularity since the pandemic broke out, few companies have paid attention to the diversity of their customers.

Halima's matching mask and hijab sets aim to fix that disparity and continue to bring attention to inclusivity in the fashion world.

The Banding Together Project is also making sure to give back to the medical workers that inspired their line.

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When you purchase one of their sets, Anywear will donate one headband or medical cap to a health care worker.

Head to their website to check out their sets and help those in need!

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