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Barbra Streisand Helps George Floyd's 6-Year-Old Daughter Gianna Become A Disney Shareholder

In wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in honor of George Floyd and all other innocent, unarmed black people murdered by police brutality, Hollywood is stepping up their activism and making real differences!

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George Floyd's six-year-old daughter, Gianna, has been left without her father after the 46-year-old was murdered by Minneapolis police last month.

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Many public figures have stepped in to financially assist the young girl and her family, who were left reeling from the devastation.

Kanye West has donated $2 million to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, as well as set up a college fund for Gianna.

Of course, Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year-old man who was murdered while going for a jog in Brunswick, Georgia in February.

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old EMT who was fatally shot in her own apartment by Louisville Metro Police Department officers in March.

Gianna has also had her college tuition paid for by Texas Southern University.

"This Board is committed to education and understands that a college degree is one of many powerful steps toward a productive and successful life,” said H. Myres, chair of TSU’s Board of Regents.

The statement continued: "We know that this gesture cannot take the place of her dad’s loving presence, but we hope that it will contribute to easing her journey through life."

What a beautiful and meaningful gesture.

Joe Biden even sent a sweet message to the six-year-old during her father's memorial service.

"You are so brave... I know you have a lot of questions, honey. No child should have to ask questions that too many black children have had to ask for generations — why, why is Daddy gone?"

Joe and Gianna met the night before George's memorial service, making it clear the Floyd family was a priority for him.

Having Gianna's voice and her story heard could not be more important right now; it truly is essential to moving forward as a nation.

Another high profile celebrity reaching out to Gianna is Barbra Streisand, who sent the six-year-old a gift package that included the paperwork to make her a shareholder with Disney!

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I know, right?! How brilliant and magical is that?!

Gianna wrote on Instagram, "Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you," alongside a picture of her with the document.

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Someone start a petition for Gianna to be the next Disney princess!

Barbra, 78, also sent Gianna two of her studio albums, "My Name Is Barbra" and "Color Me Barbra" which is arguably the most iconic part of this whole exchange.

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The comments were filled with love and support for Gianna!

"The World is yours GiGi," wrote one Instagram user.

"God bless you & your family. You deserve the world cause your daddy changed it," wrote another.

"What a blessing!!!! Life is priceless! But this young queen has been thru it at such a tender age!!! This gift helps to secure her future! She will need all the help she can get!"

These acts of kindness and generosity are so important during these unprecedented times! What an amazing gesture, Barbra!

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To learn more about Black Lives Matter, please click here.

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