19+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Same’

There is nothing quite like seeing something out in the world that makes you feel like you are truly in sync, whether it be a despondent squirrel, an overly anxious cat, or a larping disappointment.

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 19+ moments that made us go "same."

"My cat always looks like he has anxiety. Yes, he always looks like this."

Reddit | PyrateHooker

I particularly like how on the bottom right picture, the normal cat looks like it's saying, "Is he doing it again? He is, isn't he?"

"I hope I'm not too late."

Reddit | Rage-o-rama

As a man who spends too much time playing D&D, I'm not going to start making any jokes at people who go Larping.

"Every year I vote for him; every year I hope for him."

Reddit | leparr

Everyone has experienced that feeling of disappointment when a political figure you really passionately advocate for doesn't get into office.

"I just hope that this doesn't impact bedside manner."

Reddit | Dlatrex

This sort of attitude is exactly why I ultimately decided not to become a doctor, instead focusing on being adequately sassy on the internet.

"Finally talked dad into upgrading from his iphone4. It was a tough battle but now we can finally put this bad boy to rest."

Reddit | MeowMisery

I'm ashamed to say that I am quite like this myself. I absolutely despise having to upgrade my phone. It is always such a pain.

"If you ever feel bad, just remember this guy played the role of 'grass' in his school play."

Reddit | sleashking

I remember being cast as a tree in one of the school plays. It was very much a low moment in my life.

"'Make sure you get the right size', she said. 'Nah, they're all the same size', I said."

Reddit | airbagsavedme

I like how it looks like this toilet is actually laughing with a smug grin at the guy for his mistake!

"After a severe allergic reaction to walnuts, this is how the doctors labeled me. People looking at my wristband must've [thought] I escaped the psych ward."


This happened to me once as well! Although...I didn't have an allergic reaction to nuts, so goodness knows why they did it.

"This may well be the most incredible vending-machine-related event of my life. I feel lucky to have witnessed it."

Reddit | martiantenor

I don't think I have ever met a single person who has not experienced crushing disappointment at the hands of a vending machine.

"As a parent pushing 40, I've never related to a bumper sticker more..."

Reddit | ferengiface

See, the trick is to have never been cool, and then you can't risk losing your cool! So, yeah, who's winning now, cool kids?!

"I can definitely relate."

Reddit | savak9

I mean, who would want to be super healthy when peanut butter M&Ms exist? No one, surely?

"Some people just never grow up. I hope that's me and the wife someday."

Reddit | trooper843

No matter how old you get, riding on a shopping cart is always fun. And, if you disagree with me...well, you're wrong.

"I'm 49 and I just found this in my mum's bookcase..."

Reddit | Halvere1600

Someone pointed out that at least there is some doubt in this. Hopefully this guy proved them wrong!

"Well, he tried..."

Reddit | Mohanselvaraj16

Ooft, you can feel this one. I am embarrassed to think of how many people I asked out in "cute" ways back in high school only to be crushed at every turn. High school is a truly great time.

"Don't get your hopes up."

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

Based upon how far technology has come in the last few years, you wouldn't think it would be too much to ask for a reliable printer, would you?

"The effect of Tinder on roommate relations..."

Reddit | palegeo

If you're going to be bringing back a Tinder date, then you should be offering them your own stuff in the morning. Don't be setting them loose on roommates' foodstuffs!

"When you remembered the singular and plural of shrimp is the same."

Reddit | reddit_me89

"Allan, can you tell me why this pot has two shrimp in it?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll put some more in..."

"More?! Jesus, man, do you think that we're made of shrimp? One per pot, man!"

"The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened them with a fine if they didn't hide their trash cans. This is their solution."

Reddit | kalinkabeek

It's practical and passive-aggressive, the ultimate combination! They also said that they'd had their bins in the same place for years, and they didn't know why the HOA had suddenly taken against them.

"Another guy and I walked in the bathroom at the same time. After seeing this, he said 'This isn't going to happen' and walked out."

Reddit | IAmDrinkingIcedTea

Just no. I mean, just put one urinal in there if that is all of the space you have, as two people surely can't be using those at the same time!

"My dad accidentally bought a same sex Valentine’s Day card and instead of getting another card, he drew a little beard on one of the women."

Reddit | PJSamus

I am truly awful at buying cards. I actually think that they have managed to cover this pretty well!

"Still snowing from yesterday's blizzard. Hope Mother Nature gets the message."

Reddit | restless57

"Oh, God, just stop!"

"What's that? You want more snow?"

"Why've you got to be such a dick, Mother Nature?!"

"It's sad that my cats will starve to death."

Reddit | kristopho

Yep, I'd not be able to deal with that either. And, I wouldn't just be able to send my cat in to help, as she is equally terrified of spiders as I am.

Professionally Argued Over

Reddit | naebox

There would be no way that I could be in a family business with my family. We would all end up dead before the end of a single week's work.

"Message received."

Reddit | HippiePatrol

Yep, I will also do this if I see anyone neglecting to pick up their dog's crap. Although, I'm not a very good throw so it could go anywhere...

"My son's message to the president."

Reddit | Shixbrix

I mean, whatever way you take this to mean, he's not wrong! Maybe he should consider a career in politics!

"They started trimming most of the trees on campus and it looks like this little guy lost his home and all hope."


In fairness, that is exactly how I would expect a squirrel who had just become homeless to look. I can feel his existential dread.

"Clear message."

Reddit | robertino76

My skin tone matches that color if I only so much as think about going into the sun without having bathed in sunscreen.

"My girlfriend's cat looks like she's been working the drive-thru window for too long."

Reddit | kirrk

Wow, I genuinely don't think that I've ever felt an emotion quite like this cat's!

"My parents took advantage of the graduation sign trend to dunk on me for dropping out."

Reddit | mississippimind

This kid made it into Yale at all and they're still mad? I think my parents would cry tears of joy if I had made it into any university at all.

"When you get the prime spot so the guy at the back has to propose by a bench."

Reddit | asjonsey99

You know that other girl is looking over her new fiancé's shoulder like, "Um, yes, oh my gosh, of course! But could we, like, could we move over there when they're done and do it again?"

"These random shots perfectly captured the contrasting personalities of my children."

Reddit | startercoat

That just means you're going to have a very fun household once they're old enough to argue with each other. I'd buy earplugs now.

"When your company brings in a dude that makes balloon animals and you ask for an octopus with a machine gun."

Reddit | Xandervdw

Where do you work where they brought in a balloon animal expert? That sounds amazing! This is the perfect desktop decoration.

"My son started to cry when he saw Santa, so I decided it'd be a good idea if we all joined [too]."

Reddit | the_trynes

I think, more than we'd all like to admit, this encapsulates our feelings around the holidays. It's a stressful time of year, okay?

"This is...scary."

Reddit | alexandre577

Man, this woman hates bikes of all kinds. Your best bet is to be wheelchair-bound to avoid granny's wrath.

"I asked my husband how long the kitchen table is. This is what I got."

Reddit | hellosweetie_11

It answers your question, doesn't it? Surely you know how tall your son is...right?

"My wife is 5’1” and I am 6’7”, when it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all."

Reddit | The_Trip_Doctor

What do you mean? All the important bits are covered. I'd say that means it fits.

"My spring cleaning project."

Reddit | allinhumor

Ah, the coveted chair full of tossed clothes. Maybe it's time for an upgrade... You can get one with a cushion and everything.

"My professor was feeling a little heated."

Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

Every teacher and professor I've ever met had their "breaking point" in teaching that made them stop putting up with nonsense. Sometimes I was around to witness it. It's kind of funny.

"The other day, I found some diaries from when I was 11. This was on the last page."

Reddit | DancingNerd

God, the anticipation has me sitting on the edge of my seat. What happened? What's the news? How did it all happen before August 13?

"Having fish and chips today."

Reddit | Almost315Inches

As an adult who still fully eats like a child, these are some fish and chips I can get behind.

"Time to turn up."

Reddit | tonasaur

Not sure how this cat managed to convey the perfect expression of a college dude prepping for his first party, but he did.

"My new weight loss program."

Reddit | Stein-_-

Ouch. Harsh, but seeing as I've been failing to lose weight for years, maybe it's worth giving this one a shot.

"I can't believe my 11 year old actually tried to pull this off."

Reddit | PrettyOttery

I do love how the teacher has even marked it as -1 for how poor of an attempt it was at forgery.

"My wife was feeling particularly stressed last night."

Reddit | BobDogGo

Apparently the relief wasn't quite instant enough. I want to feel my nerves calm as soon as I'm done violently ripping that box open, no time to draw a bath.

"My 18 year old brother decided to put some stuff in the dish-washer today. I am obviously related to a genius."

Reddit | wannafistfight

I can see a natural kinship with this buffoon. I remember the day that I realized what the difference between dish soap and dishwasher soap was.