8+ Tips For Tackling Objects That Are Hard To Clean

Cleaning is not one of my favorite activities. I gotta be honest about that. I bet it isn't one of yours either. Right?

Especially when it comes to stuff that's really tricky to clean in the first place. Getting rid of all that grime is never fun. But don't worry, here are a few great tricks you can surely use.

1. Stove Cleaner Hack


If you're like me and use your stove a lot, you'll love this trick. Make a paste using water and a polish cleaner like Bar Keeper's Friend. It will easily scrub off any cooked-on gunk.

2. Oven Cleaner Tip


Just like your stove, your oven can get pretty grimy. Am I right? Oh, I can't stand that. But it's nothing that a fume-free, 40-minute, spray-on cleaner can't handle. Just spray it, wait, and wipe away. Yay!

3. Microwave Cleaning Trick


All that food splattering in your microwave can create some build-up over time. But apparently, if you microwave some water with freshly squeezed lemon juice it will loosen all that stuff up. Try it — it works.

4. Toilet Bowl Hack


If your kids love Kool-Aid you're in luck. It turns out dumping Kool-Aid powder into the toilet bowl will help to clean mineral deposits. Just leave it in your bowl overnight. Flush the next day, and voilà!

5. Keep That Fridge Smelling Fresh


Sometimes I open my fridge and it really smells strong. This charcoal pouch is like a natural deodorizer. Hang it up in your fridge to keep all those funky food smells at bay.

6. Red Wine Carpet Stain Hack


Did somebody spill red wine all over your carpet? Don't panic. Dab the stain as much as you can. Pour milk over it and let stand for an hour. Then, pat it with water.

7. Cast Iron Cleaning Trick


How do you remove some stuck-on food particles from your cast iron? Sprinkle some salt and scrub it with half of a potato. Then, season with oil and heat in the oven for 1 hour. That's it.

8. Bathtub Caulking Cleaning Tip


Did you know you can make a paste out of 1/2 cup bleach and a cup of baking soda? Then just apply it with a clean toothbrush. Let stand for 30 minutes and wash it away.

9. Descale Your Shower Head


If you have hard water, it's a good idea to descale your shower head. Just use vinegar and baking soda in a plastic bag. Wrap it around your shower head overnight. You'll be glad you did.

10. Shower Curtain Liner Cleaning Tip


I hate it when my shower curtain liner gets all dirty and gross. But I had no idea I can actually wash it alongside some towels to get rid of mildew and other buildups. So smart!

11. Water Stains On Wood Hack


I don't like to see water stains on my wooden kitchen table — I don't think anybody does. Apparently, wrapping some mayo in a paper towel, placing it on the stain, and heating it up with a blow dryer does the trick.

12. Permanent Marker Wall Stain Hack


Did your kids make a masterpiece on your wall with permanent markers? Oh no! You can actually spray some hairspray directly onto the stain and watch it wash away. It's that easy. No joke.

13. Fan Dusting Hack


Now that summer is here you need to prep that fan for all the work it's going to do. Get rid of all that dust it's been collecting by using a pillowcase. What a cool trick.

14. Crusty Fridge Fix

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How do you get rid of crusty mess in your fridge? Soak it in hot vinegar. Then use a plastic spatula to scrape it. Take off rest with a sponge using hot water mix with cleaning bleach.

15. Smelly Toilet Hack


Does your toilet bowl smell like something died in there? I hear you, lol. It's been happening at our house on a hot muggy day. Pour some fabric softener in the tank and flush away.

16. Keurig Cleaning Tip


Did you know there could be coffee grime that's been building up over time in your Keurig? Oh, yes! That doesn't sound good. The tiny bristles of a toothbrush can take care of all that.

17. Get Those Crushed Bugs Off Of Your Car


Oh my gosh. My fiance is constantly wiping some crap off of his car now that we park outside. Sprits some cooking spray on it, wipe off and it really does work.

18. Dirty Windows Sills Hack


Those window sills can surely get pretty dirty and dusty. Right? Well, just put your Magic Eraser to work and you'll see how nice it will look afterwards. That's no lie. It's trusted and true.

19. Get Your Walls Looking White Again


Did you ever notice that your seemingly white walls are looking quite dull? Well, they probably are. But it's nothing that a little mixture of white vinegar and dish soap can't fix.

20. Gunked-Up Baking Pan Fix


How do you get rid of all that stuck on food that's been accumulating on your baking pan? That's a dilemma for sure. Just mix some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and voila. Like new.

21. Smelly Dishwasher Fix


Is your dishwasher smelling a little bit funky lately? Don't worry. There's actually a quick fix for that. Just put some vinegar in a bowl in the center of the lower rack and do a rinse.

22. Muggy Headlights Hack


Are your headlights looking just a little too muggy for your liking? Somebody already thought of fixing that. Apparently, all you need is some toothpaste and a rag and they will look as shiny as before.

Oh my, who knew cleaning such tricky areas and appliances can be as easy as this?

I was certainly dreading it. Now I feel a lot more confident to tackle all these tough messes. And I hope you do, too.

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