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Police Officer Responds To Shoplifting Call, But Rescues Kittens Instead

When a pair of officers in Arlington, Texas responded to a shoplifting call at a local TJ Maxx, they probably didn't expect to save a couple of adorable, fluffy lives.

But that's exactly what happened for Officers Adkins and Hilliard of the Arlington Police Department.

As the department's Facebook post about it said: "Who says Firefighters are the only ones who rescue kittens?"

The shoplifting call was pretty routine, but the store manager had another request for the officers.

Facebook | Arlington Police Department

There was a car in the parking lot that appeared to have kittens trapped underneath it somewhere.

A pair of tiny meows could even be heard coming from the vehicle's rear end.

Getting down on his back, Officer Adkins located the kittens inside the bumper.

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Presumably, their mom had placed them there, only to have the vehicle drive away with the kittens still inside.

Once safely in the police car, the kitties showed their appreciation by climbing all over Officer Adkins and giving him plenty of licks and snuggles.

Of course, the first stop was a veterinarian's office, to make sure the kittens were okay.

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The vet estimated that they were about six weeks old and, though hungry, were physically healthy.

The officers were provided with formula and shown how to bottle feed the little bundles of fluff.

I mean, how else could this story end besides the kittens being adopted by their rescuers?

Facebook | Arlington Police Department

Officer Adkins ended up giving both kittens a place in his home, after it became clear that not only was he falling for them, but they loved him.

Though I couldn't find any follow-up stories to confirm it, he said at the time that he was considering naming the pair "TJ" and "Maxx." Which is so freaking adorable that it really had to be their final names.

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