10+ Tattoos That Mark The Special Bond Between Father And Son

Showing your parents you love them can be a lot of hard work. How do you showcase your love and dedication to someone who brought you into the world and raised you? While buying them lavish gifts is nice, sometimes you want to just do something with them that will last forever. And, nothing says "forever" like getting a tattoo. So, why not show your dad how much you care by getting a matching one with him this year?

Some pretty awesome ink work.

This matching set looks like a lot of pretty awesome details went into it. Not to mention how wonderful the shading is on this piece. Something they'll always share!

Nothing says "I love you" like a Marvel piece.

I love you 3000 is obviously a serious and meaningful phrase when it comes to dads, as all Marvel fans know. There's nothing more meaningful than this — true, unconditional love.

These colors are unreal.

It takes a lot of talent to get tattoo colors just right. These matching arrows with the splash of blue and green will withstand the test of time. Truly beautiful.

Counting down the days.

The artist did this dad's tattoo 20 years ago, and his son couldn't wait until his 18th birthday so he could get the same exact tattoo done. Wow, truly special!

Having the same text and tattoo design is obviously special.

These bold arrows definitely have some deeper meaning to always press forward. Higley Strong may be a sentimental gesture to their family always sticking together, pushing forward, and staying strong.

Combining family and culture into one.

Clearly, this one has cultural and important roots in their family. I love that each of their camels goes in opposite directions, as if they are walking towards each other.

A shared love.

This father and son combo apparently have a shared love for classic cars. The son posted this photo on Instagram saying they have both been "gear heads" for as long as he can remember.

Dead heads for life.

This father and son share a love for music, as it seems. They got the album artwork from the Grateful Dead album Blues for Allah on their calfs. Love to see this.

Same, but different.

These guys must love them some Pokémon to get it on them forever! The character is the same, but they switched up the colors on each of them. Still, an awesome tattoo combo.

One thing that is shared between a father and son: their family name.

While a father and son may grow up and a son eventually has his own family, their family name remains between them. Sharing the love with the family name in ink forever is super special.

Spy v. Spy, in ink!

From the popular cartoon from Mad Magazine, Spy v. Spy is a classic that everyone enjoys. This is a great way for a father and son to show off their sense of humor.

Not complete without each other.

A father and son are not complete without each other. This tattoo is full when the two are together, as a father and son usually are. What a special piece!

When your son becomes the artist.

This dad saved his son's drawing and had it turned into a one-of-a-kind tattoo. I love how they were even able to include some of the little boy's handwriting. This piece will be treasured for years to come.

Not a matching tattoo set, but this is so beautiful.

According to the Instagram post,

"Jeffrey has chronic kidney disease and needs this MIC-KEY button so that his body gets enough fluids. Kyle decided to join him with his own “Jeffrey Button."

I am crying!

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