Underwater Light Turns Your Pool Into An Illuminated Coral Reef

Guys, I want a pool. For all the obvious reasons, of course — like keeping cool in the summer, hanging out by the poolside, and general merriment — but for one other really, really important reason:

I want to buy pool accessories.

I need this.


Take this pool light, for example. It makes your pool look like a frickin' reef. I mean, hello? What's better than that? Your pool needs rainbow fish. I know it does.

Here's what the light looks like:


I love that it's a minty-blue. That's so cute.

It floats in your pool and projects fish all along the bottom for maximum reef fun.

Oh, and among those fish is one tiny shark. Watch out.

Reviewers really love it, too.


It has tons of positive reviews. The most critical note that it's not as bright as they'd like it to be, so I guess your mileage may vary, depending on your pool light situation!

You can get yours on Amazon.


It looks like it's out of stock right now, so keep checking back.

Or you can hit up their official website, where you can pick it up for $24.99.

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