Clever Floating Flowers Work Like Solar Panels To Keep Your Pool Warm

Heated pools: they're fantastic, but they're expensive. So, what's a pool owner to do?

Never fear, solar panel flowers are here. With a pack of these babies, your heated pool dreams are about to become a reality.

Hot tubs need not apply.


Meet the Solar Pool Flower! They're lightweight (but not too light — they stay put in the wind), gorgeous, and made of recyclable plastic. Come through, sustainability!

Here's how they work.


They're cone-shaped, which allows for water to flow in and out easily. The plastic captures and holds the heat, so the water that flows through them heats up, too.

They're ideal for smaller pools.

Reviewers say that they do work, but they tend to heat the area they capture water in the most. So, having a ton in a small pool will result in warmer water.

You can get yours on Amazon.


The pool flowers are available for $150/pack.

If these aren't quite your speed, Amazon also sells solar mats that are meant to heat your pool, too!

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