Fullbar Spirits And Mixers Are Perfect For Making On-The-Go Cocktails

Making cocktails is a fine art — one that I have been diligently working to perfect during the quarantine. Never let it be said that I lack drive.

But now that the weather is getting better and picnics beckon, I need a way to mix up my fave drinks without schlepping around oversized bottles.

Thankfully, FULLBAR is here to make my summer picnics perfect.

Instagram | FULLBAR

Comprising 80 proof spirits and corresponding mixers, all the liquids come packaged in their own cans that are perfectly sized to store in a basket or bag, and go.

You'll be able to make some of your favorite classic cocktails in no time.

Instagram | FULLBAR

Spirits include Premium Vodka, American Whiskey, Artisan Gin, Blanco Tequila, and Caribbean Rum. Add the brand's own tonic, soda, classic Margarita mixer, or Island Punch and you've got yourself a delicious party.

On top of everything else, the packaging is Instagram-ready.

Sure, I love the ease of mixing my favorite cocktails, but honestly, I'd probably even buy empties of these because the cans are so pretty.

Here's to boozy and beautiful summer picnics!

You can check out FULLBAR's store locator for retailers. Cheers!

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