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Bride Upset After Her Mom Insists On Wearing The Same Cape As Her To The Wedding

When it comes to special occasions in your life, your wedding day is by far one of the most important and memorable. From a very young age, some girls dream of their wedding day. The moment they find the love of their life, and get to walk down the aisle to say their wedding vows is incredibly important.

For many young girls, their wedding day is something they talk about for years.

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From where they get married to who they may marry, weddings are like a dream. Above all, many young girls look and think about their ideal wedding dress and wedding look.

While some want to wear gowns, others want to wear suits.

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There's no "one size fits all" type of bride. Some want to wear dresses and gowns, and others want to wear suits and dress shoes. Either way, a bride looks forward to her wedding day look.

One thing is universal, though — every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day.

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While some may not wear a white dress, many brides know that white is a special color. Wearing a veil or a crown, or even just being the only one in white, is special to them.

Sometimes, moms and mother-in-laws can get in the way of a bride's wedding look and decide they want to outshine her.

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These situations can be upsetting to the bride. Take it from this future bride on Reddit who wrote in about her own mother.

According to her post, her mom is straight-up trying to wear the same thing as her daughter to the wedding.

The future bride wrote in to Reddit with a post titled, "My mum basically wants to wear a veil to my wedding."

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She wrote:

"My mum and I were chatting (she had surgery last week and I've been checking in since my Dad is away for work) and for some reason my mum started talking about what she was going to wear to the wedding.

At Christmas I had shown her a beautiful cape made by an artist in the US and that I was going to commission one for my wedding, in lieu of a veil, something to cover my shoulders for church and because it was [expletive] awesome and very much me."

Apparently, her mom really, really loved this idea.

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The bride-to-be continued by saying:

"SO YESTERDAY she said she was also going to order a cape from the same artist for her to wear to the wedding. At first I tried to be chill, pointed out that it wasn't cool at all, I was the one getting married and I already said I was wearing this cape. She responded with 'but everyone will know you're the bride so it doesn't matter.'"

Obviously, she was upset.

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She told her mother she was upset.

"I told her, 'no it does matter, it's my wedding, you wouldn't wear a veil or white to my wedding, what the [expletive].'"

The future bride went on to say that her mom had a history of "gaslighting" her during arguments.

Many Reddit users suggested that the bride contact the designer and explain the situation.

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Maybe if she told the designer what was going on, they may not make the cape for her mother.

Others said that they, too went through this with their own moms.

One Reddit user said:

"My mom wore a wedding dress to my wedding just in off white. Didn’t see it til 3 days before the wedding. I am so sorry. She is competing with you. Stand up. You deserve better."

At the end of the day, we all look forward to feeling special on our wedding day.

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It's important to be up front and real with people who try and take our shine from us on our special days. Even if it's our parents, sometimes, people just need to be put in their place.

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