Mom Livestreams Her Home Birth To Her Instagram Followers

When it comes to intimate moments in our lives, giving birth is by far the most personal. A woman's experience giving birth to a child is precious and meaningful. Most of the time, women choose to only have their significant other and family in the room during labor, as the moment is one that they want to share with their closest loved ones.

It's not everyday that you hear of moms sharing their birthing experience with the entire world.

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While we may write about it and talk about it, actually showing everyone the nitty-gritty details of labor is something not many women do — especially on social media.

Emily Isaacs, however, decided that she wanted to share the love with all of her Instagram followers.

Isaacs is the founder and global CEO of company Business Chicks. The company is an Australian-based organization devoted to empowering women in and out of the workplace. Isaacs wanted to share the moments with her fans and followers online.

Isaacs is already a mother to five other children.

This was her sixth birth and, she decided to share the moments with her followers online. She "livestreamed" the birth process with her friends and family there to view the whole process.

The mom had plenty of experience giving birth, as she has five other children.

All five of her children — Milla, Honey, Indie, Ryder, and Piper — were also born at home. It's safe to say that Isaacs had enough experience with home birthing.

The livestream began when her doula arrived.

Instagram l @emmaisaacs

Her children and husband can be seen and heard in the background cheering her on throughout her contractions. She grabbed hold of her fireplace mantle to hold herself up.

When she was ready to get into the tub, Isaacs looked happy.

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The atmosphere was calm and relaxing as there were candles lit, relaxing music playing, and she even had a necklace her friends gave her to help her during the birthing process.

Throughout the birthing process, over 6,000 people tuned in on Instagram.

Instagram l @emmaisaacs

Isaacs streamed the entire thing on her Instagram Stories and many people tuned in to watch. A lot of people were leaving supportive and motivational comments on the stream, too.

The next day, Isaacs uploaded a video to let everyone know that she and baby were doing well.

Her son, Louis, was born healthy and was doing well. She shared some of her thoughts with fans and followers — and she even admitted that she "regretted" livestreaming her birth immediately after.

However, she had good reason as to why she decided to.

She said she originally thought that birth was so scary before having her first child. And, she threw herself into learning about the birthing process to prepare herself for her children.

During this scary time, Isaacs wanted to help support women everywhere.

Instagram l @emmaisaacs

Isaacs said she wanted to show all women everywhere that they are powerful and that birth does not have to be a scary and crazy experience. She wanted everyone to know it can be beautiful.

I may not ever livestream my birth, but Isaacs definitely has me inspired.

Seeing someone tackle labor and birth so gracefully does wipe away some of my own fears of having a child. So, I always appreciate a supportive and strong momma warrior!

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