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M&M's Is Launching A New Sugar Cookie Flavor Filled With A Cookie Center This Holiday Season

We're already about halfway through the year—I know, do I really need to remind you?—which means fall releases should slowly be trickling out over the next couple months. I don't make the rules!

However, we've got our eyes right on the end of the year, because there's word of a new M&M's flavor for the 2020 holiday season.

I think we can all agree to agree that M&M's is pretty much the G.O.A.T. when it comes to seasonal flavors, no?

It's seriously one of my favorite things about the fall and winter season—the anticipation of new or returning seasonal M&M's flavors.

According to Instagrammer @candyhunting, M&M's is coming through for winter 2020 with a new White Chocolate Sugar Cookie flavor.

Instagram | @candyhunting

According to the post, these M&M's take after their Fudge Brownie counterpart, sporting a fun textured sugar cookie center that's wrapped in white chocolate.

In the past, M&M's has paid homage to a host of holiday flavors, like hot cocoa and peppermint.


If you think about it, sugar cookies are also largely emblematic of the holiday season.

There's already a strong positive consensus about this flavor in @candyhunting's post, so I'm sure everyone will really be looking forward to it!

We don't have any details on when these will officially be hitting shelves, but this flavor is definitely one to set a reminder for in your calendar!