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Trader Joe's $8 Bouquets Of Fresh Cut Peonies Are Back To Brighten Our Days

You may know Trader Joe's for its laid back vibes, its cookie butter, and its divine freezer section, but did you know they have a pretty incredible floral section too?

If you've been sleeping on Trader Joe's flower section at the front of the store because you're too busy thinking about their Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, it's time to wake up, or else you'll miss their beautiful bouquets of fresh cut peonies.

Some of you may head to TJ's specifically for their food, but others also fancy their floral section.

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And if you happen to be a regular flower shopper, then you know their bouquets of peonies are one to keep an eye on in June!

Sure enough, they're back, which is great news for those of us who only dream of owning a garden full of peonies.

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TJ's sells a variety of different peonies, including single, semi-double, double, and Japanese AKA anemone-form.

They also have a ton of different colors to choose from, including white, pink, purple, or different red hues.

For best care, Trader Joe's suggests cutting the stems on a 45-degree angle every other day and placing them in a clean vase with fresh water.

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Also make sure they're kept out of direct sunlight in a cool location, which I can totally relate to.

You can find the bouquets of five large stems for $7.99 at your local Trader Joe's.

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And make sure you hurry! Peony season is like, right this second, so get them before they're gone!

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