'Grey's Anatomy' Star Chyler Leigh Gets Candid About Her Sexuality: 'It’s Been A Long And Lonely Road'

Turns out that Supergirl and Grey's Anatomy star, 38-year-old Chyler Leigh, has more in common with her character than we initially might have thought!

In a recent post on the Creating Change website, the Grey's Anatomy actress opened up about some of the rather bleak realities of her sexuality — calling it a "long and lonely road".

Poor girl! I hope she's having an easier time now.

In this day and age, being true to your sexuality has become increasingly normalized — and rightfully so!

While it might be easier said than done to be your unadulterated self, there has never been a better time in history to do so than now!

And it's pride month! So, what better time to embrace your sexuality, amirite?!


Which is exactly what Grey's Anatomy and Supergirl actress, Chyler Leigh has chosen to do, and we love her for it!

In a recent post on the *Creating Change* website, Chyler shared her coming out story, and how she was able to connect with her "Supergirl" character over it.

Thanks to her character coming out as gay on the show in season two, she felt more comfortable embracing her true self.

"When I was told that my character was to come out in season 2, a flurry of thoughts and emotions flew through and around me," she explained.


She said that she felt extra pressure to play this role authentically.

"Because of the responsibility I personally felt to authentically represent Alex's journey," she continued.

She revealed that she felt personally connected to her character's struggles, as they resonated with her own in real life.

"What I didn't realize was how the scene where she finally confessed her truth would leap off the pages of the script and genuinely become a variation of my own. IRL," she said.


She explained that filming the scenes evoked all kinds of unexpected emotions and anxieties.

"My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest each take we filmed".

She revealed the irony of the character's lines and how they mirrored her true feelings were an interesting way to speak her own truth — inadvertently.

"Every time presenting another opportunity to get those honest words out of my mouth," she said.

"Though they don't exactly match my personal dialogue, the heart behind it surely did," she confessed.


In case you haven't seen it yet, the story of Chyler's character, Alex, unfolds in season two of Supergirl. She decides to come out as gay after falling in love with Detective Maggie Sawyer.

According to Chyler, her directors were extremely impressed with how believable her performance was.


But she explained that acting it out was especially easy since it's so close to who she is in real life.

"From the director, the press, the media, the cast, and the fans, I'm still told that it was the most realistic coming out scene they'd ever witnessed," she said.


"And to steal from Alex's words, that's because there's some truth to what she said about me."

Unfortunately, the scene resulted in some backlash from her friends who are perhaps less than supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.


"I don’t hold a grudge towards the negative response," she said.

"Because as I said, we all have had a hard time in one way or another with acceptance (whatever the subject may be) whether towards ourselves or others," she went on.

Chyler has been married to her husband, Nathan West, since 2002.

While they're happily married, she confessed that it hasn't always been easy.

"It’s been a long and lonely road for both my husband and myself," she said.

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"But I can wholeheartedly say that after all these years, he and I are still discovering the depths of ourselves and each other".

But she explained that their journey together has only made them learn to be supportive of who they really are.

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"But throughout our journey we've learned to be proud of who we are, no matter the cost," she concluded.

How sweet.

What do you think of "Supergirl" and "Grey's Anatomy" star, Chyler Leigh's remarks about her connection with her character coming out as gay?

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