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Twitter (Including Seth Rogen) Talk Celebrity Deaths That Hit Them The Hardest

Earlier this week, one Twitter user posted a very emotionally-charged question to the internet: which celebrity death has hit you the most? Naturally, Twitter lost it.

As soon as the topic started trending, some celebs even got involved. Keep reading to see their answers.

Warning: get the tissues out because you will most definitely be crying by the end of this.

Death is never an easy subject.

But on Monday, June 8, one Twitter user (@B_oySix) started a discussion on the topic by posing this serious question:

Which celebrity death, in your lifetime, has hit you the hardest?

It didn't take long after that for the tweet to begin trending.

It received so many replies from people who had taken the time to reflect on which celebrity death hit them the hardest.

Not surprisingly, one of the first celebrities to be named was Robin Williams.

The comedic actor sadly ended his life in August 2014.

As the lead in many beloved childhood movies, including Peter-Pan, Aladdin, and Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams' death rocked the world.

It was later revealed that the actor had been secretly diagnosed with Lewy body dementia.

This is a debilitating brain disease that his wife believe contributed to his death.

Another celebrity that was taken way too soon from the world is Avicii.

The Swedish DJ sadly killed himself in 2018, leaving behind his music and so many questions surrounding his death.

Although John Lennon passed away decades ago, his death still hurts his fans.

"John Lennon. The man who was a PEACE ACTIVIST killed by a gun. A man who wanted no less than world peace. A man who loved.ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. He is truly missed by all," another added.

Another celeb gone too soon was Heath Ledger.

The actor accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs in 2008.

Since he had already filmed The Dark Knight, his footage was still used. He even posthumously won an Oscar for his work.

The emotions ran high over the death of Anthony Bourdain.

"That was one of the only times I legitimately cried about someone I didn’t know passing," wrote this user.

The celebrity chef tragically took his own life in 2018.

With Kobe Bryant's death being so recent, it really stings.

The basketball superstar was named many times in the Twitter thread.

He tragically passed away alongside his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Maria, on January 26 after their helicopter crashed in Calabasas.

Amy Winehouse was also named.

The iconic singer tragically succumbed to the drug and alcohol abuse problems that had haunted her for years.

She died at the young age of 27 in 2011 from alcohol poisoning.

Soon, even celebs got involved, as they tend to do when Twitter starts to get real.

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One of the first to do so was Canadian actor, Seth Rogen, who's most known for his work in the movies Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and Superbad.

His answer to the emotional question was Chris Farley.

The SNL actor passed away in 1997 from a drug overdose.

As a comedian who could lift any spirit, his death rocked Hollywood. This especially included his best friends, Adam Sandler and David Spade.

Television host, Joy Reid, had a few names in mind.

The first was Whitney Houston who was found dead from accidental drowning in her bathtub in 2012.

"Whitney Houston, both because of the seemingly pointless loss, and because her funeral fell on my late mother’s birthday," Joy wrote.

"Cried like a baby listening to it in the car in Florida," she added.

The other two celeb deaths that shook her were John Lennon "because he was killed on my birthday as a kid" and Aaliyah since it simply "shook" her.

Graphic artist BossLogic also got involved in the emotional Twitter trend.

He created beautiful tributes for each of the celeb deaths that hit him the most (check out his work, he's phenomenal).

This included Robin Williams, Stan Lee, Mohammad Ali, and Kobe Bryant.

He even took fan requests over which emotional tributes to make next:

If you're not too busy crying from all these celebrity deaths, let us know which ones hit you the hardest in the comments.