Quotes That Reveal The Truth About Marriage

While marriage may no longer be the biggest goal in a young person's life, there are still many people who choose to take that step with someone they love.

There are many reasons a couple might decide to make that big commitment to each other, but whatever the reason, they should always go in with the understanding that it's not all honeymoons and love.

Sometimes, it's passive aggressive failure to do the chores.

If one person takes on too much of the household labor, it can cause a lot of trouble, but if both people are equally disinclined to complete the chores, then maybe it will be the thing that brings them together.

Normally, I avoid gender stereotypes, but seriously: why do guys do this?

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Really, though, regardless of gender, if one person takes longer than the other to get ready, then the faster person should either take on more of the prep tasks — like getting kids ready — or they should know their SO well enough to perfectly time things so that they are ready at the same moment.

This is my parents.

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Whenever my sister and I go somewhere with our parents we inevitably end up sharing a very specific eye roll with each other whenever Mum freaks out at Dad about another driver and then they start arguing over it.

My parents have been married 40 years, so this is just how they show their love, I guess.

And that's probably the key.

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If you want to not only survive your marriage, but thrive as a couple, you probably need to embrace each other's quirks and learn to love them.

If you argue over every small thing, then when the big stuff happens, you won't have the skills to work through them together.

But seriously, Mum: One day we're going to buy you horse blinders for road trips.

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