Uber Eats Will Not Be Charging Delivery Fees For Black-Owned Restaurants

In response to the ongoing BLM movement, and in an effort to promote Black-owned businesses, Uber Eats has announced it will be waiving delivery charges for all orders placed from Black-owned restaurants until the end of 2020.

As TODAY reported, the delivery service's app will also be providing users in major cities across the U.S. and Canada with prompts to view a list of local black-owned restaurants to encourage their support of these businesses.

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi made the announcement on Twitter last week.

In the tweet, Khosrowshahi said the delivery promotion is a "starting point", and also explained that a $1 million donation will be made to the Equal Justice Initiative and Center for Policing Equity "to support their important work in making racial justice in America more than just a promise."

While the promotion waives delivery fees, these restaurants will still be required to pay their usual commission fees for the service.

The announcement, which was also emailed to Uber Eats customers last week, addressed the recent global protests against police brutality.

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"We must do better," Khosrowshahi wrote. "We know there is no easy solution to the problems we have faced for centuries. We also know that we need to devote our time, energy and resources toward making a difference."

He added, "That’s why we’re making a number of commitments that we will uphold not just this week, but for years to come."

Following the announcement, some Uber Eats users responded positively to the company's new promotion.

"$1M donated, no delivery fees for Black owned restaurants for the rest of the year AND making senior executive pay TIED to workforce diversity goals?" this user wrote. "Is this even the same UBER??!"

They continued, "Putting your money where your mouth is and holding your leadership accountable, well okay."

However, others felt the company is discriminating against other businesses, particularly those owned by other minorities not included in the promotion.

"This is an even more discriminatory thing anyone can do," one person commented. "This is increasing the gap even more. Support everyone who is a good person. There are people whose businesses are dying and they need help. This is the last thing [you] should have done."

Another added, "Seems pretty racist against all the other people who need help in these trouble times if you ask me. I mean this is a handout isn't it."

Some users spoke up to suggest Uber adopt a different approach and eliminate the commission fees charged to restaurants for using its service.

"How about removing altogether or reducing Uber eats fees to the black restaurant owners too?" this person wrote, while another echoed their sentiments in their comment, "How about eliminating your exorbitant cut of their profits on every order, too?"

However, in an interview with TODAY, an Uber spokesperson revealed there are no plans to decrease or eliminate commission fees for restaurant partners at this time.

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