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People Are Stumped By This Pic Asking Them To Find The Cat

There's a lot of negativity on social media right now and while it is important, relevant stuff for the world at large, it does make me miss Ye Olde Days of the internet.

You know, the early 2010s, when the biggest controversy was whether dogs or cats were the internet's most popular meme?

Those were the days.

Seriously, though. The internet used to be so much simpler, and while I am very glad that it has allowed global conversations to happen about important issues, I also sort of miss the days of Keyboard Cat.

One of my favorite random hobbies is hidden object puzzle games on my iPad.

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What can I say? Staring at an image full of junk, trying to find that one specific item that will solve the case is very zen for me.

So of course, I love photos that turn a cat's natural ninja abilities into their own little game. Like this classic pic that does, in fact, include a cat in there somewhere.

Can you find it without help?

Reddit | waterhauler

When I first saw this pic, I spent far too much time looking in the shadows and not nearly enough time considering the logs themselves.

Because one of them isn't a log. The kitty is right there in the open taking a nap, and it just happens to be the same color as the wood around it.

When I saw a trending post by @katehinds on Twitter that had nothing to do with the current state of the world, I was so happy for the distraction.

Her post was simple: find the cat.

Alongside that request was a photo of her very impressive shelves and TV stand.

So naturally, I spent *way* too much time staring at zoomed in portions of this image.

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In fact, looking for the cat took up a good three-quarters of the time it took me to write up this article about it.

Did you spot it?

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Sadly, I didn't manage to find the kitty before giving up. Mostly because it's been too long since I've lived with a cat and I forgot about how good they are at getting behind things.

The kitty managed to wedge itself behind the TV, with only its cute little paws peaking out.

Apparently, this particular cat is commonly playing hide and seek with their humans.

Though sometimes the ninja skills are less evident.

You would think the kitty would realize it still had its butt on display, but maybe it just like the breeze.

So did you manage to spot the cat easily or did you have to scroll ahead for the answer?