Brewery Makes Pickle Beer To Satisfy The Most Die-Hard Pickle Lovers

So. Pickle beer.

It's a thing.

Hang on! Hear me out, because it turns out that people are nuts about this beer. Brewed by Martin House Brewing Company in Forth Worth, Texas, this beer has a cult following that has me asking: do pickles really go in beer?

As it turns out... yeah, yeah they do. Let's find out what all this is about, shall we?

What is it with pickles?

First, it was pickle moonshine, which we explored and found out people love, too.

Now it's pickle beer! So, what does it taste like? Pickle juice. It straight-up tastes like pickle juice, apparently.

There's actually two flavors.

The most popular (and most well-known) flavor is the Sour Pickle Beer, which is made with Best Maid pickles.

There's also a Spicy Pickle Beer, for the even more adventurous.

It's literally made with pickle juice.

According to Martin House:

"We used our sour beer base mixed with their sour pickle juice to create a delicious, tart treat that will definitely make any pickle lover’s day."


People love it. No, seriously. They LOVE it.

"Y'all, I love this beer. I will he drinking all summer. It's like fizzy pickle juice that gets you drunk LOL," Ila B. wrote on Untappd.

That is the funniest and best review I've ever read. Find out where you can try pickle beer here!

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