Mom Selling Hand-Me-Downs Slams Parents Who 'Can't Afford' To Have Kids

There are many things in life that will cost you more than you expected. Sometimes it's buying a home, other times it's going to college. But, above all, the most expensive thing you can do is have children. There is no greater love than the love a parent has for their children, but, they know deep down that having a family is not an easy financial decision.

Raising a child is very expensive, that's just a fact.

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From buying everything they need throughout their youth to saving for their college education, raising children is not cheap. You have to clothe them, feed them, and enroll them in activities. The bottom line — children cost money.

Sometimes in life, people aren't prepared for the financial aspect of raising children

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Some pregnancies are unplanned and come upon parents suddenly. They don't always have a ton of money tucked away to buy things for their family when this happens. But, it doesn't make these parents less deserving of having children.

As it turns out, some moms feel very strongly about parents who "don't save" for their children.

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Many times online, moms speak out against other moms and totally mom-shame them. Recently, one mom decided to come after other parents who "can't afford to have children."

Writing into the popular blog "Mumsnet," the mother said she's tired of moms who, "want everything for free."

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She titled her blog post, "If you can't afford a child don't have one?".

From there, she shared her story of selling used children's items online, and how many mothers wrote to her, asking if they could have the items for free.

She explained that she doesn't understand why these women have babies if they cannot take care of them, or themselves.

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The mom wrote:

"I sell my children's old clothes and bits an bobs to fund buying new ones like every other parent probably does, I sell my old items like furniture etc to help buy new ones.

But the past month I've had 2 women message me and ask if they can have them for free as their both pregnant and can't afford the items?"

She then went into details about each woman.

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"The first lady asked for my microwave (3-months-old and was expensive) a cot bed, and window coverings — genuinely I'd give whatever I can but I sold the other 2 by the time she actually replied to me and I said she could have the blinds," the mom wrote in her post.

"But then she asked could I deliver or post but I had to cover that cost as well? I felt like saying, 'Shall I come fit them too?'" the mom went on to say.

She continued saying that the woman was young and in need.

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Even though the expecting mother needed help, this woman still didn't fully understand why she couldn't find help elsewhere.

And, there were other women who needed help, too.

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She explained that she is a bargain hunter and buys very nice, designer clothing for her children. The reason she sells them is so that she can afford new clothing in their sizes as they grow. But, frequently she receives emails from parents asking for "free" items.

The mom explained further that she can't wrap her head around people having children without money to raise them.

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She wrote:

"Seriously why have a baby if you can't afford basic baby grows and little cheap outfits from Asda and Matalan etc. I love these shops for baby clothes it's all mine wear unless it's a special occasion, so I don't understand."

Many responded saying this mom sounded judgmental.

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Some moms said that this mom was rude for not realizing that everyone has difficult and different situations. It's unfair for her to judge other moms for not having enough money.

Additionally, many called the mom out for her hypocrisy.

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The mom stated she, "sells her clothes and items to afford new clothes and items." Some readers responded she clearly needed to make more money to afford new things, so how was it that different from the moms asking for the free items?

Ultimately, every family has their own story and situation. We should keep that in mind before judging them.

h/t Mumsnet.

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