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Justin Bieber Admits He's 'Benefited Off Of Black Culture' And Promises To Fight Injustice

Amid the height of the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement, celebrities have been doing their part — using their platforms to speak out against the incessant racial injustices we've been seeing a despicable amount of in the US.

Among the celebrities who have been utilizing their platforms to inspire change is Justin Bieber, who recently admitted that he has greatly benefited from black culture.

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If you have been keeping up with the recent height of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, then you probably know that most celebrities have been doing their part to contribute.

Whether they're simply using their platform to spread the word, donating, or trying to educate their fans, every bit helps.

For example, Halsey has been attending the protests, donating money, and speaking out on social media.

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"Please look at this thread. My initial contributions are $100,000 to the various organizations I have included. I encourage you and my peers to contribute whatever you can. Every amount counts!!!!!," she tweeted, along with a link, encouraging her fans to donate as well.

Bryce Dallas Howard took to Instagram to share a list of movies that could help people better understand the oppression that black people have faced for hundreds of years.

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"I'm so grateful for the exquisite friendships that came from that film – [The Help] our bond is something I treasure deeply and will last a lifetime," she wrote.

"That being said, *The Help* is a fictional story told through the perspective of a white character and was created by predominantly white storytellers."

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"We can all go further," she added on Instagram, before listing movie alternatives such as _13th, ⁣ Eyes on the Prize,⁣ I am Not Your Negro,⁣ Just Mercy,⁣ Malcom X, Say Her Name: The Life And Death Of Sandra Bland⁣, Selma⁣, Watchmen_⁣ and When They See Us.

Canadian rapper, Drake also donated $100,000 to causes that benefit black communities.

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He revealed that his contribution was initially flagged, writing: “They just called fraud on my card LOL,” Drake said. “I donated 100K. They were like nah 😂.”

Thankfully, his donation went through, and a screenshot was shared as proof.

Drake wasn't the only Toronto artist to make a significant contribution. The Weeknd wasted no time to give a very sizable donation.

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The Weeknd donated a whopping $500,000 to various causes such as Black Lives Matter Global Network, Know Your Rights, and National Bail Out.

"Keep supporting our brothers and sisters out there risking everything to push for actual change for our black lives," he wrote on Instagram.

*Another* Canadian artist has come forward to speak out against the racial injustices we've been seeing so much of.

First, in a live stream with CNN, he admitted that he feels guilty for how long it has taken for him to wake up and realize how unfairly black people have been treated by law enforcement.

“I’ve been feeling shame in the sense of like, why did it take these men being killed for me to almost take a blanket over my eyes?," he said.

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He finds himself asking why all of a sudden it has become such a pressing matter to him, when it should have been important all along.

“Why now? I do feel bad when it comes to that," he added.

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This is an issue that especially hits home for Justin because of an incident from 2015, where he was caught on camera making racist jokes — that he later apologized for.

He acknowledged last Decemeber that when he was younger, he may have had ignorant views. But that he has learned from those mistakes.

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“When I was young I was uneducated and found myself saying really hurtful things not knowing the power of my words," he wrote.

He added that racism is still alive and well, and that he wants to be able to use his voice to influence equality for all.

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"Racism is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human being and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!”

Then, just three days ago, Justin shared a note to Instagram, vowing to do everything he can to influence change.

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"I am inspired by black culture," he began. "I have benefitted off of black culture."

Most people wouldn't admit it, so that's amazing.

"My style, how I sing, how I dance, perform, and my fashion have all been influenced and inspired by black culture," he continued.

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He then promised that moving forward, he will be committed to advocating for anti-racism.

"I am committed to using my platform from this day forward to learn, to speak up about racial injustice and systemic oppression," he wrote.

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"And to identify ways to be apart of a much needed change," he concluded.

This was such a great thing for him do! Well put, JB.

What do you think of Justin Bieber's latest statement on Instagram regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and his vow to help however he can?

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