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'Chocolate Cosmos' Flowers Give Off A Delicious Scent Similar To Red Velvet Cake

Don't you just love the sweet scent of summer in the air? I look forward to this time all year long. I absolutely love lazy summer days filled with chilling in the backyard.

Speaking of which, why not fill your patio with a gorgeous scent of flowers? Did you know there's a beautiful flower that smells just like red velvet cake? Yes, it's true!

It's called 'Chocolate Cosmos' and you won't believe its scent until you actually smell it.


And it kinda looks like red velvet cake, too, due to its dark red blossoms with velvety petals.

Gardeners went wild for this pretty bloom after it was first introduced in Mexico during the mid-1800s.


I can definitely see why. I absolutely love the striking color of this flower. And the fact it smells gorgeous too? I'm sold.

So Chocolate Cosmos plants are actually grown from dahlia-like tubers.


They like to be planted in a warm, sheltered location with all-day sun. I can't blame them. I would love to bask in the sun all day, too. Ha, ha!

If you live in a colder climate, don't worry too much about missing out on these flowers.


You can always plant them indoors first and then once the weather warms up move them outside. That sounds like a good plan to me. No? I think so.

Chocolate Cosmos are tender perennials but they can survive the winter in warmer weather zones like the southern U.S.


It helps if you plant them in very well-drained and heavily mulched soil as well. I think that's pretty good news.

The best tip I can give first-time gardeners is to plant these flowers in containers.


This will give the soil an extra boost of heat. You can also ensure the location of the pot fits the flower's sun needs.

You'll also be able to enjoy the beautiful red velvet cake fragrance up close and personal.


Why would you want to hide these beauties somewhere far away in your garden? Huh? That wouldn't make too much sense. Would it?

You'll be happy to know that the unique vanilla-chocolate scent these flowers produce is most pronounced on warm and sunny days.


And they also super attractive to various species of butterflies. Oh my! That sounds absolutely wonderful to me.

I had no idea there are flowers that can make you think of chocolate red velvet cake. Ha, ha!

As if I need to crave it any more. LOL! But I think it would be amazing to be surrounded by something this delicious. Right?