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Bring Sea Vibes To Your Garden With Octopus-Looking Red Aloe Plants

If you're bored in the house and you're in the house bored, then you've probably been spending many hours scrolling through Instagram. It's not long before you click on your friend's friend's boyfriend's ex's ex's cousin's feed, and have somehow found yourself in a deep dark hole of miniature felting.

There are a lot of niche communities out there on the internet, and plants are certainly one of them. There are just so many, and before you know it, you're suddenly looking at plants that look like starfish/octopus hybrids.

Looking to make heads turn when they look at your garden this summer?

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Look no further than Aloe cameronii, better known as red aloe.

Doesn't it look like an octopus or starfish moving underwater?

The aloe plant is marked by its deep red color and long spiky tentacle-looking foliage that can be quite curly.

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These plants are considered a medium-sized plant and grow anywhere form one to two feet tall and two to four feet wide.

What's super fascinating is that red aloe can live up to 40 years, so you could really celebrate some birthdays with it!

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Keep in mind that this plant does prefer dryer southern climates and plenty of sun for optimal outdoor growth, but I'm sure it would love to hang out in your home during the winter months.

Since they love southern climates, you're most likely to find the plants at greenhouses in those states.

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Or, you can purchase them online from websites like and Etsy.

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