12+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘This Couldn’t Get Any Worse’

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that makes you question how on earth things could possibly get any worse. However, no matter how bad things get in your life, it's always important to remember, that things can and will get worse!

So, please enjoy these 12+ moments that made us go, "This couldn't get any worse!"

"Here's a shirt my sister bought from an Asian store... It just gets worse as it goes."

Reddit | OddlyCalmOrca

"So you can speak and write English, yeah?"

"Well, I mean, you only really need to nail the first few words of the sentence, then you can kind of wing the rest..."

"I thought I was having a bad day, but I felt better once I realized someone at work had it worse..."

Reddit | beernerd

If you're managing to drive away from the pump without realizing you're still attached to it, then I am baffled that you're allowed to drive in the first place.

"My friend made a Danny Devito cake for her friend. It's worse in person."

Reddit | brilliant_fungi

I would like to know what picture of Danny Devito they used as reference material for making this nightmarish cake!

"My dad's old truck got hit by a truck carrying old rotten potato slurry to a feed lot for cows. His passenger window was down..."

Reddit | Dixo0118

I don't know what rotten potato slurry smells like, however, one person wrote, "I worked on a potato farm and I can tell you what.... That smell was enough to make me not eat potato in any form for over a year."

"A guy purchased a watermelon during a train stop and didn't realize it didn't fit through the bars."

Reddit | SluggishStudent

I like that you can see that one person running the other way obviously looking at that watermelon and thinking, "Ah, classic, the old watermelon too big for the bars trick!"

"One of these is applesauce. One of these is grease from a deep fryer. Guess which one I ate a spoonful of a few minutes ago."

Reddit | NighthawkE3

Mmmmmm, I bet the taste of the lovely, lovely fryer grease didn't go away any time soon!

"You thought the Prius couldn't get any worse..."

Reddit | Y4vs

You know what? I'd much rather drive that leopard-print Prius as opposed to that regular VW Beetle right next to it.

"Sucks big time."

Reddit | sanjiv_gawali

You're going to need one hell of an impressive bowl of rice to put that arm into to fix it!

"No matter how bad your day was I can assure you that Peanut's was worse."

Reddit | sarcasticfatwhiteguy

I think that I may have just found my new spirit animal! Oh, Peanut, I feel your pain, friend. This is how I end most days looking.

"Does your dog bite? No, worse, it judges."

Reddit | Artkinn

"You said that there would be treats, Kate."

"I know, but we've run out and..."

"Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of your excuses."

"Well shucks."

Reddit | thatsitrose

I dread to think how many of these pens this person now has! Way to blow your money very quickly!

"My husband's first time wearing sandals since starting his new asphalt job..."

Reddit | kitkat7890

This person went on to say, "mostly he does tamping, some finishing work and driving the truck, so it hasn’t been an issue getting burned, except the real issue is getting sunburned! I’ve sent spf 70 and he applies it twice a day and is still burnt."

"It's tough to decide which is worse."

Reddit | SuerHappyFunTimes

"Hi, I'm Saint Peter, welcome to heaven! Little bit embarrassing, I'm going to need to ask for the £20 you owe for how you died..."

"I...I don't have any money on me. Do you take cards?"

"Sadly no! It looks like you're off to hell."

"I hate people who park like this."

Reddit | jarGLO99

I know that sometimes you get a really bad craving for Taco Bell, but this is a little much!

"Nothing worse than slow internet."

Reddit | Xadacka

It is insane that some people can't stand being without the internet for the duration of one flight. Read a book, for Christ's sake!

"My cat was not impressed when a fox came by."

Reddit | Agent4777

"Pssst, Sandra, you seen this guy? Thinks he can come 'round here and walk around like he owns the place!"

"Why don't you go over and say something then?"


"Spray paint was a bad choice. (Worst hangover ever)"

Reddit | c_alas

Having a wicked hangover is bad enough without also having to worry about getting spray paint off your face and beard!

"Lost my job, and thought I found some lucky cash while walking down the trail."

Reddit | Melody74

I'll be honest: At first glance, I wouldn't have guessed that it was fake as I'd have been so elated with the idea of finding $20 on the ground!

"My friend is having bad time with sexy dice."

Reddit | jaffamcc

", that sounds awful. Yep, definitely didn't want to have to eat with my clothes on! So...where'd you fancy getting takeout from?!"

"Drove right past the park and he instantly knew he was going to the Vet."

Reddit | firesprinklerman

I think I've seen this expression on almost every person who has ever worked in a chain restaurant. Lord knows I looked like this as well when I did.

"For all those having a bad day."

Reddit | Kartingf1Fan

Yep, this one really stings! I hope to God that Ronald Wayne doesn't take the tube, as this might just finish him off.

"Dog at my pup's daycare looks like he's having a Vietnam flashback or a bad acid trip."

Reddit | MetaMorphoSis348

"Allan, your owners are here to collect you! Allan...are you okay?"

*Enya playing over distant helicopter sounds.

"Bad Morning."

Reddit | Hanssssolo

A few people wondered if it was the result of an earthquake or just bad workmanship. Apparently, it was purely down to shoddy craftsmanship.

"Bad decisions were made in south Florida too."

Reddit | nickman211

Wow, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to things going wrong here, aren't they?

Your day may have been bad, but it's probably not as bad as 'I tipped over a satellite and it'll cost $135 million to fix' bad."

Reddit | abledanger

Apparently, "A NASA inquiry into the mishap determined that it was caused by a lack of procedural discipline throughout the facility. While the turn-over cart used during the procedure was in storage, a technician removed twenty-four bolts securing an adapter plate to it without documenting the action."

"I need a file lost in this room."

Reddit | almeldin

Nope, just nope. There would be no way that I would be getting paid anywhere near enough to go through all of those one by one.

"Goodbye everyone. It's been good knowing you."

Reddit | Hot_Karl_Rove

Looks like someone is having takeout tonight...and every other night for the foreseeable future!

"125 kazoos with our wedding date on them that arrived at our door the day we emailed everyone to tell them the wedding was postponed."

Reddit | rnilbog

Not a lot you can really do with 125 erroneously-dated kazoos, is there? I mean, make a lot of noise I guess but that's about it.

"Must've been a harsh divorce."

Reddit | Actually_The_Flash

A literal house cut in half? I could easily see this as an overpriced rental unit. "Half-bedroom, half-bathroom, not a full kitchen. $4000 a month."

"And I thought my morning was rough."

Reddit | commisionergordon35

He's looking at you like he's the one confused. Like this is his car and he doesn't get why you're getting near it. Y'know what? It is his car now. He can take it.

"Putting candy cane pieces in cookies is a bad idea."

Reddit | bobojoeman

Who needs classic and traditional Christmas fanfare when you can now make a Christmas-themed murder mystery! Your family won't be forgetting it any time soon, that's for sure.

"My mate had a rough night."

Reddit | dontfeedthecode

I don't see how. There's a kitten on his head. How can it be a rough night when there's a kitten on his head?

"This is one of our guard dogs at work."

Reddit | DrunkenMechanic

This dog is all bite and no bark due to the fact that it has a sword in its mouth.

"Had to put one of these in my garden."

Reddit | GoshDarnMamaHubbard

As nearly everyone in the comments of this post pointed out, this will only encourage more people to steal and laugh while they do it. You have to put a sign up that says "thanks for stealing my plants. I'd been wanting to get rid of them."

"It's going to be a rough 24hrs for both of us."

Reddit | grumpheartjenny

In case anyone's worried, the dog was fine. The user contacted animal poison control (which I had no idea was even a thing) and followed their instructions. That being said, I think this is the worst possible combination of any two things a dog could eat.

High-profile crime.

Reddit | matttastic

Apparently this young man got pulled over because he was driving his car, yes that car, in the bike lane. I don't know why they felt the need to have four cops on him, though.

"Not having a great morning."

Reddit | mattythedog

Yes this sucks, but why does it look like you're fully drinking paint? What even is that?

"Looks like someone had a rough day."

Reddit | Mental_Moose

Throw a few grungy filters on this and maybe some lyrics from a sad song and this photo would make rounds on the emo corners of the internet.

"My husband and I finally talked his dad into upgrading from his iphone4. It was a tough battle but now we can finally put this bad boy to rest."

Reddit | MeowMisery

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, sure, but if it's near decrepit and being held together with a rubber band, I think you're good to replace it at least.

"You know you're struggling when."

Reddit | Somniaxis

Little known fact, but this is a great way to get some extra protein in your morning. It doesn't taste good even a little bit, but we all have to make sacrifices.

"This is what rock bottom looks like."

Reddit | tastyfalafel

The only thing that would make this worse is if this were on a paper plate. Keep your chin up, you're not as far down as you think.

Oh it's cold outside? Is it this cold?

Reddit | trickstro

I didn't consider bananas, or any fruit really, to be something you could...break. I'm very upset by this image.

"I bet you $1000 the fish flies in Michigan are worse then any other state. Even if I’m wrong I ain’t payin'."

Reddit | MaybeIreddit

I've never heard of fish flies before, and I'm very glad that that's the case! Would you dare use this cursed machine?

"My wife works in IT and was recently moved to the basement. It's been a tough adjustment."

Reddit | vocherro

Couldn't even be bothered to cut the white borders. That's how you know she's grasping at straws here.

"My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else's keys in her mouth."

Reddit | robrobxD

Somewhere nearby there is a family at each other's throats over who last had the keys.