Resurfaced 'Grey's Anatomy' Scene About Police Brutality Is More Powerful Than Ever

Grey's Anatomy has never shied away from social issues, which is a fantastic thing, but it can also mean that when society hits the same horrible stumbling blocks as it has in the past, the old scenes ring just as true when you find them again.

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A resurfaced scene from a 2018 episode is extremely powerful in today's political climate

"Grey’s has always been a show covering social issues, and this scene is one of my favorites on bringing light to a subject," one TikTok user wrote while sharing this scene on the platform of Miranda Bailey and her husband teaching their son how to interact with the police to avoid violence.

This scene is reminiscent of a real life Black teenager who shared the rules his mother taught him.

Cameron Welch shared that he has been taught to follow as a young Black man, including "Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Don’t put your hoodie on. Don’t be outside without a shirt on. Check in with your people, even if you’re down the street."

Fans also shared a scene in which Jackson reams out two police officers for shooting an innocent young boy of color.

“You have protocols in place. Those can be adjusted," Jackson tells the officers, and when they claim that it was a judgement call, Jackson explains "We all have biases, but you have guns. That makes yours lethal."

Comments referenced the moment with Bailey and her son.


"Is this also the episode where Ben and Bailey decide to have the 'talk' with Tuck? This seriously gave me goosebumps (and still does when I think about it)." one Reddit user wrote.

What a powerful moment!