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Wine-Scented Candles Make Relaxing With Your Favorite Wine A Breeze

There's nothing quite like getting through a long day or long week, lighting your favorite candle, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and not getting up from the couch for at least five hours. Is there really anything more relaxing?

Well, there might be, especially with a wine-scented candle.

Take your relaxing to the next level with wine-scented candles.

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Yup—you can crack open a bottle of wine and smell it all day/evening/night too.

The candles, by Craig Davies, come in six popular scents, and your favorite wine is most likely in the lineup.

Uncommon Goods

Here's a breakdown of the dreamy scents:

Champagne - clean cotton blossoms

Chardonnay - apple cinnamon and vanilla

Cabernet - chocolate, sweet grapes, and herbs

Pinot Grigio - citrus, sweet wood, and earthy

Rosé - fresh fruit and sweet almond notes

Zinfandel - ripe peach, fig, and citrus zest

Not only are these candles wine-scented, but they're also poured in upcycled wine bottles that Craig gathers, cleans, and cuts carefully by hand.

Uncommon Goods

That added touch really brings the whole theme together, making them a great gift for wine lovers.

Grab your favorite wine, light its matching candle, and get ready to have the most epic relaxing time.

Find them on Uncommon Goods for $25.