Company Invents Hoodie Loaded With Pockets For Busy Dads On The Go

When it comes to fashion, some dads can't seem to get it right. Wanting to look good is one thing, but when you're a dad to a young one it's more important to be proactive and prepared. It's not like the diaper bag is going to follow you everywhere. Not all dads want to drag around a heavy bag, either.

What if you could combine your "dad needs" and a comfy hoodie all in one?

The Dad Hoodie

Well, you'd probably be thinking, "Where can I buy one and does it come in every color?' Look no further. The Dad Hoodie has got you fathers covered for everything you need.

"The Dad Hoodie" is the perfect gift for dads everywhere.

The Dad Hoodie

According to their website:

"A super-soft hoodie with storage compartments for everything a Dad needs to be great. Now Dads can toss out that diaper bag and slide into a hoodie when they head out around town with children in tow."

Clearly, they know what they're doing.

The Dad Hoodie

"Over the shoulder diaper bags are constructed to survive natural disasters and shrapnel, with enough supplies for weeks. Most Dads only need to carry a few baby supplies to knock out that steady stream of errands," the hoodie's website says.

A total win!

There's something for every dad from this store.

The Dad Hoodie is available in a variety of sizes—XS-XXL—and comes in five different colors: Heather Grey, Navy, Charcoal Black, Black, and Royal Blue. You can get one on their website for $85. The perfect gift for Father's Day!

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