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Stone Cold Steve Austin Goes Viral For Calling Confederate Flag Racist: 'It's A Symbol Of Oppression'

Protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter is taking over the world, literally.

Globally, there are several protests where people are demanding justice for George Floyd, and black people in general for the needless and continuous violence that they face.

Because of that, an old post about the racism behind the confederate flag and Steve Austin is once more making the rounds.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is a huge name in WWE, and not just for his wins, but also because he is not afraid to speak his mind on and off screen.

Recently, he went viral for an old post that is making the rounds again in light of the protests surrounding Black Lives Matter movements.

A fan had written on a post about the confederate flag saying: "For us it wasn't a sign of hatred or hate or ignorance it's a sign of Southern Pride..."

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And Austin had a LOT to say back to this fan.

As you would expect, he did not bother holding back at all.

"That’s nice and all but if I recall it don’t matter what it means to you because to African Americans everywhere it’s a symbol of oppression, hatred and inequality..."

" your little ‘heritage not hate’ story don’t mean [expletive] because your stupid little heritage was built on the backs of slaves and identifying with that kinda sorta definitely makes you trash in the Texas Rattlesnake’s eyes."

"So you can continue to spew your [expletive] but just know that none of us care ya dumb racist expletive and that’s the bottom line."

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Fans rallied behind him on Twitter, and are currently remembering all the other times he spoke out for marginalized communities!