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Build-A-Bear's Adorable 'Winnie The Pooh' Bear Is Back To Put A Smile On Our Faces

Build-A-Bear has released tons of Disney characters over the years, from Frozen bears, to Stitch, and of course, the iconic Baby Yoda. It's safe to say people have been loving them, and they want even more!

Build-A-Bear Workshop knows just how to bring our favorite Disney characters to life, and we don't have to "think think think" twice about how adorable their Winnie the Pooh bear is!

Last year, Build-A-Bear Workshop released a *Winnie the Pooh* bear, which was such a hit that they restocked the bear this summer!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you missed out on getting one last year, now's your chance.

The bear can only be ordered as a set, but I think it's safe to say many people would purchase the works anyways.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

The bundle comes with a stuffed, cheerful, golden yellow Winnie the Pooh plush, his iconic red crop with his name inscribed on it, a honey pot wrist accessory, and a voice box in his paw that is ready with six classic sayings like, "Oh bother!"

Isn't he just sweeter than honey?

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Head to Build-A-Bear's website and order it for $50.

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