15+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were The Butt Of The Joke

It is not always possible to see how you are being made fun of while it is happening. Sometimes it requires the benefit of hindsight and a photograph of the incident!

And, with that uncomfortable notion in mind, here are 15+ people who didn't realize that they were the butt of the joke!

"Had a nice photo with the missus put on a key ring, only to later notice this gem. Worst/greatest picture ever."

Reddit | NubBiscuit96

Now, every time you use this key ring bottle opener, you will know that this man's butt helped you open your beer!

"My mom says she didn't notice until she got the pictures..."

Reddit | advictoriam5

Just look at the nonchalant expression on the baby's face, as though they're saying, "Yep, this is what I think of your photoshoot, Mother!"

"Accidentally photobombed my girlfriend's sisters engagement photos after a long night of drinking."

Reddit | tcjones54

Christ alive, he looks like he's been beaten awake by a man with a baseball bat. Someone get that man a chair and a bottle of Lucozade.

"So my sis wanted a silly family photo."

Reddit | Gnillab

"Pfft, I'm not going to do a daft pose and look stupid. They're all going to look like idiots, but not me!"

"In 5th grade I was worried I would blink and mess up my year book photo."

Reddit | wholebunchofbees

I mean, they definitely achieved what they set out to achieve. However, they look daft as hell thanks to it!

"My cat just farted loudly for the first time in front of me. After laughing uproariously for 10 seconds, I snapped a photo of his confused face."

Reddit | girouxfilms

"Excuse me, Allan, is there something inherently funny about my poots?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh."

"I don't laugh at the dumb stuff you do, so think on!"

"When your three year old tells man at McDonalds that his pants are falling down."

Reddit | imblackgrapes

I never got this fashion trend, and it baffles me that there are still some people who choose to dress like this! Get a belt, man!

"Recently had a CT scan and noticed this in the report..."

Reddit | ottawa123456789

I think that I could see this being a bio for a lot of people's Tinder profiles. They probably wouldn't get many matches, but at least it would be honest.

"My boss gave me a key to open this drawer, then started laughing hysterically when I tried unlocking it. I didn't realize why until now."

Reddit | whenwacko

Just wait until the swim team finds out that this is the level of security being used to protect their gear! They will not be happy!

"Let's all jump in this photo."

Reddit | Rice_Dispenser

This guy really needs to get himself some better friends! Either that or he needs to get springy casts so that he can still jump.

"My friend and I randomly decided to take edibles and go to Disneyland. We took funny photos on every ride we could. This is my favorite."

Reddit | dezrteagle

I can't tell who looks like they are more terrified in this picture. Let me know which one you think looks more scared in the comments!

"All I wanted was a nice photo."

Reddit | Yeah-RIght

"Sandra, I know that you're going to want to post this on the internet, but I'm going to ask you not to."

"...It might be a bit late for that, boy."

"I don't think he realized he'd be filmed from this angle."

Reddit | TheXLR8TR

I am floored that they actually let this go to air! Apparently, the majority of the interview was filmed at close up and they only showed this shot for a few seconds before returning to wide-angle.

"My dad got my wife and I a card for our wedding. He didn't realize it was in Spanish."

Reddit | big_lebrewski

I know that I can be pretty bad at buying cards, but this is something else! Well, I suppose it's the thought that counts!

"My dad after realizing he ate half his sandwich with the wrapper on."

Reddit | freepopper

But, how did he genuinely not realize? I bet it must have tasted infinitely better once he took the paper off!

"I was a teenager before I realized that the labels on our town water towers were just a joke."

Reddit | hometowngypsy

As much as I want to ridicule this person for thinking this, I know for a fact that I would also have believed this as a kid.

"After preschool, we homeschooled our daughter. Last week she started High School. Apparently for your student ID, they use the last photo on record."

Reddit | joelman0

Can you imagine how annoyed you would be when you got this pass for the first time? I mean, how would they not have just asked for another recent picture?

"My daughter wanted to be in the photo with us. We didn't tell her we were going to kiss."

Reddit | ohineedascreenname

This little girl has clearly got her mother's taste for violently bright dresses!

"Had to have the vet shave my cat to treat a skin issue, and he looked so fake no one believed these photos were real."

Reddit | PyrateHooker

"Why are you taking so many pictures of me, John? It better not be to share my new haircut online."

"Nope...definitely not for that reason."

"Grandpa mows the yard every week with the same grey Yamaha shirt. My Grandma just noticed this last week."

Reddit | wrud4d

This grandfather is brought to you by Yamaha! Day by day we are all becoming more and more blatant walking advertisements!

"Navajo tour guide insisted he take a pic of us because it was 'THE money shot.' Didn't notice until later. I wasn't even mad..."

Reddit | phantofan

You know that there must be countless people who have been on tours with this guide who all experience this same moment of realization when looking through their holiday photos.

"I replaced a picture of my sister with one of Vladimir Putin before my family came over for Christmas, they haven't noticed yet."

Reddit | kittie-cat

Is the family the butt of the joke here, or is Vladimir Putin the butt of the joke? At least he has got a famously good sense of humor either way!

"While trying on a pair of wrap pants that I'm halfway through making, I noticed...a flower. Pattern placement problems are real."

Reddit | SewWhatIsThis

Yep, those aren't the sort of pants that you're really going to be able to go out in without some serious adjustments!

"Oh thanks. I didn't notice."

Reddit | romz7

I don't want to consider whether the person who put this sign up had to do so after finding someone trying to urinate there onto the floor.

Got my wedding pictures back recently, and noticed that myself laughing like a maniac was a common thread in the speech pictures..."

Reddit | inappropriate420

Well, at least this means that the speeches were funny. There's nothing worse than a speech that bombs.

"Asked my husband to take a photo of me in front of an inspirational sign after my first 5k. This is what I got."

Reddit | cottoncandyqueef

"How's here, is that okay?"

"Just take a step to the left, and that's perfect!"

"Aww! Thank you for taking so much time to make this moment perfect!"

"Just re-arranged my friend's DVD collection. How long before he notices?"

Reddit | leolambertini

The big irony here being that someone that big into The X-Files is likely not getting laid very much.

"My girlfriend tried to entice me to get out of bed. I'm ashamed to say it worked."

Reddit | AberrantConductor

Many of us have simple desires, and that's okay! Be it Pringles or, like me, the promise of a good dog video, we need not be ashamed.

Some lofty aspirations.

Reddit | BlazeLikeMeteors

When you're a kid, that's the time to dream big. I'm actually surprised I don't see more "princesses" and "rock stars." What's happening to today's kids?

The long ride home.

Reddit | c4chop

That's definitely an adoption box, so who do you think is regretting the choice more: the cat because this process is a nightmare, or the new owners because they're realizing this cat has a blazing fury inside them?

"My sister learned a valuable lesson this Christmas: If you let your older brother take an ugly picture of you, you will get it on a custom color-changing mug as a gag gift."

Reddit | Alomba87

This is why I'm entirely anti-picture. No pictures, no chances of this happening to me, which is necessary since I'm someone who could die from embarrassment at the slightest misstep.

"My car has been making a rattling noise for awhile, so I took it in to get it checked out."

Reddit | goodcommenter

As mentioned in the last item, I think I would die from embarrassment and shame if something like this ever happened to me. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm too sensitive.

"Saw this guy sitting outside the dorms. He had set up his TV at the window and was playing video games. When I asked him about it he said that it was a nice day out and he wanted to enjoy it."

Reddit | mayonnaise_man

I get it. My dorm window only opened a sliver so it really wasn't the best way to experience the nice weather. I'm not saying this is either, but at least it's something.

"He gets a box of chocolates every year. This year someone gave him a bigger box. I think he liked it."

Reddit | Jokerboy649

Sometimes it really is the little things. Sometimes it's the big things, too. Or at least, the bigger-than-last-time things.

When one door closes...

Reddit | DeliciousDebris

With the brakes gone, you can just lay on your new and improved horn and people will immediately part for you! That's how driving works.

"My friend took her cat to get fixed and his face shows exactly his thoughts about it."

Reddit | kclark2293

"What did they do to me? I'm...I'm a freak now! How could you let this happen, Mom? What did I do to deserve this?"

"Not everyone is happy about the new fence."

Reddit | MziggyG

It looks offended. "Um, there must be some kind of mistake, that's my lunch in there but I can't access it? Can I speak to the manager please?"

"Throwback to the time where my gf asked me to run in and get salmon. I'm not allowed to get it any more."

Reddit | Real_Lightness

In his defense, you can make multiple salmon fillets out of two salmon. He's being smart and encouraging you to learn a new skill!

"Kid wants a note to get out of physical education because it's 'too cold', mother delivers!"

Reddit | Red23UK

I commend any child brave enough to just ask their parent to write them a note to get out of class. I don't know how you all were raised, but my parents were more likely to win the lottery than they were to let me skip a class.

"Get a metal shift knob they said. It'll be fun they said."

Reddit | smoketheevilpipe

After a lifetime of singeing yourself on red hot seatbelt buckles, you still thought this was a good idea?

"Bought a gag swimsuit to get a laugh from my husband while in Aruba. Turns out it’s the only one that fits."

Reddit | Snipsthetips

This is the concept of "taking things in stride" personified into one picture, the type of confidence most people can only dream of.

"I did a charity walk. This was the photo they put on their website. I'm on the right."

Reddit | ForrestTrees

This guy behind the tree is radiating strong Mike Wazowski energy in this picture! Do you reckon the tree was there in the original picture, or do you reckon they photoshopped it in?

"Passing this zoo sign, I start laughing but no one in my family seemed to get it at first."

Reddit | Thehype105

With this kind of logic, any public area is a zoo, and people-watching is a zoological hobby!

"I thought I was having a bad day, but I felt better once I realized someone at work had it worse..."

Reddit | beernerd

How...just how did they manage to drive away from the pump without realizing they had done this? I am completely baffled by this.

"My girlfriend noticed a stitching error on my boxers. It's meant to say Animal. I can live with it."

Reddit | Tiberious_Frog

Which of the people on this list was your favorite, or least favorite!? Be sure to let me know n the comment below.