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Gift Your Drinking Buddy A Candle That Smells Like 'A Match Made In Tequila'

Everyone's got their own preferences when it comes to drinking alcohol. Some would rather abstain altogether, some enjoy a casual glass of wine with their dinner, and some like to round up the troops every weekend and clink a few glasses at home or on the town.

Usually, there's always at least one person who's always down to join your ruckus, and there's a perfect candle to gift them and show your appreciation for their zest for fun.

Everyone's got at least one person they can rely on to always join them in their mischief.

This is the person who is always the first person to answer back "YES!" when you yell "SHOTS?!" in the bar.

They're also the people who randomly disappear at a house party, only to be discovered just singing, drinking, and laughing alone on a couch somewhere.

Your drinking buddies may also be your coworkers who literally countdown the work week until Friday at 5pm when you can go to the local bar and let loose.

There's just nothing quite like bonding over a pitcher of patio margs, am I right?

If you know exactly who your drinking buddy is, or who they are, this Drinking Buddies candle by Whiskey River Soap Co. is the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your partner in tequila and lime.

Whiskey River Soap

It "smells like a match made in tequila," which apparently is what Dos Margaritas Bar & Grill smells like.

It's an ode to "keeping the local bar open," which is, "just another service [you] provide."

It's17-ounces and can burn for around 60 hours, which is more than enough time to start planning your next night of belligerence.

Whiskey River Soap

Find the cheeky candle on Whiskey River Soap Co.'s website for $23.95.