Aldi Is Selling A Giant 7-Foot Tall Inflatable Dinosaur Sprinkler For A Roaring Fun Summer

If you have a pool, then you've probably had a lot of fun over the years collecting cute and cool floats to hang out on while getting your swim on. However, not everyone has the luxury of owning a pool, and as someone who has never ever had a pool in their life, I'm going to tell you, you can still have a lot of summer fun without one.

After you see the inflatable sprinklers Aldi is selling, you'll quickly forget about not having a pool!

Even without a pool, you can still enjoy the delight of those giant inflatable floats you see floating around on Instagram.


Aldi is hooking it up with their giant inflatable sprinklers by Summer Waves.

They're selling a giant green dinosaur and rainbow unicorn that will make any hot summer day a really fun time.


They both stand at a whopping 7-feet tall, so everyone will be able to cool off under them.

Simply connect your garden hose to the sprinkler and watch water spray right out of the dinosaurs mouth.


For the unicorn, the water sprays out of its horn.

It will cost you $40 to beat the summer heat with one of these sprinklers.


These are also part of Aldi's Finds for this week, so there's no guarantee that they'll still be available at this price next week, so definitely get them while they're still available!

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